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To’ Puan Nurul Izatee Md Yusoff: Striving For Happiness

Change isn’t a scary concept; it can bring you positivity

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler from Pexels

By, Anis Nadhirah

A Jill-of-all-trades who is continuously striving to reach for excellence and create a positive impact on the community. When approaching power and ambition, she makes sure to take it one step at a time with persistence. While she acknowledges her biggest flaw of easily giving up on others, she maintains her determination to make a change.

“What I hope for most, is to see others whom I love to live better and happier.”

The woman with this clear aspiration is To’ Puan Nurul Izatee Md Yusoff – a 36-year-old Malaysian Businesswoman living in Kuala Terengganu. She is currently the Chairman of BHN Group Sdn. Bhd, and the Managing Director of TSPR Global. However, her career path initially began in Education after she earned her Masters in Education TESL and Bachelors in Education TESOL.

Nurul Izatee was born in Dungun, Terengganu where she grew up with a purposeful childhood and strict parents. Since young, her family has brought her numerous memories. 

Like most of us, she faced a myriad of challenges growing up. She was mocked and isolated by her own brothers in public because her complexion was darker than theirs. Although one of her saddest memories is when her grandfather passed away, the childhood she had living with him was an unforgettable one that kickstarted her growth into the woman she is today.

However, if you ask Nurul Izatee today, she believes she has no regrets from her past. Everything happens for a reason, and you eventually learn how to stand up and overcome those obstacles.

Nurul Izatee is a street-smart fast-learner, with a thirst for adventure. Back in school, she was part of the debate team, sports, theatre, and public speaking. As one of her hobbies was reading, her favorite place as a child, if not home, would be the library. Besides that, she would spend her time growing her love of photography.

Her role model growing up was the late Tan Sri Law Hieng Ding who was the Minister of Science, Technology & Environment from 1990 to 2004. With the young aspiration to be part of the changes as a Minister and policymaker, it’s no wonder Nurul Izatee would be known as the one “Most Likely to Be a Politician” in her school days.

If there was one thing Nurul Izatee would advise her younger self, it would be – “Be useful and kind. Even to those who hurt you.” Even though she was brave and smart as a child, she would never forget to be kind to others.

As she entered adulthood, Nurul Izatee encountered numerous challenges and opportunities which contributed to the growth of her current persona. Her eight-year stint in Education as an English Lecturer ended when she ventured towards Strategic Planning as a freelance Strategist.

Change is a hard concept to grasp for some, but Nurul Izatee believes change requires one to be purposeful and do it as a whole instantly.

“Instead of waiting for the right moment, we should create the moment to change.”

Her talent in strategic planning and English managed to bring her back to her dream job as a child. Though she was not the politician her younger self had envisioned, Nurul Izatee was able to lend her expertise to a Sabah Minister where she became a Special Officer for Strategic Planning, KPI Management, and Problem Solving.

She eventually developed her power for persuasion that helped her expand her opportunities. Though, she admits she’s not perfect as her own flaws become her fears.

Nurul Izatee performed various excellent feats in her career, but the biggest turning point in her adulthood would no doubt be the memories of her family.

The day she could call herself a “Mother” as her son was born became the happiest and clearest memory she remembers to this day. As she watched him grow and learn things she never knew, Nurul Izatee realized her son was both a blessing and an accomplishment in her life.

On rainy days, she would go for a walk along the beach or drive around town. But, when faced with numerous obstacles, Nurul Izatee’s tenacious attitude would arise.

“My greatest learning was to fall and rise back in no time.”

Unknown to most, Nurul Izatee is someone who can move on fast. She holds no regrets or grudges although she looks like she would. She believes it’s best to move forward than dwell on the past as she would be able to make more changes that way.

However, if she was in need of practical advice, she would regularly ask her husband, mother, and best friends – Ikman and Wei Chern Ang. After that, she would introspect, learn from the mistakes, and mentor herself to be better.

With emotional support from her best friends and moral support from her mother, Nurul Izatee is able to overcome her obstacles. In return, she approaches them with love that is beyond just words. Her support system and moral compass is an important factor in her life. She believes there’s no way you can compromise morals as they define who you are.

As the CEO of Yayasan Pendidikan and Kebajikan Dungun, Nurul Izatee’s motivation to empower others begins with change. She hopes to see a change in how women appreciate and perceive themselves.

She holds on to the belief that women are not second-class citizens; they are equal and can be as successful as men when given the same opportunities to excel. Nurul Izatee wants everyone, especially women, to always stay true to yourself and love yourself better.

“All mothers are heroes. Thus, all mothers are my idols.”

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