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The right platform to shout your content out will determine your conversion rate. By uploading your content on Marketing In Asia, you’ll definitely get Asia to notice you. Our visitors aren’t just random people. They are mostly B2B professionals, corporate figures, entrepreneurs, academia and media communities.

MIA By The Numbers, Per Month as of November 1 2020.
Alexa Ranking, 228,000+
Impression, 701,000+
Page Views, 62,000+
Visitors, 38,000+
Content Creators, 300+
Content Available, 2,650+
Daily new content, 8+
Local Content Covers, 14+ Countries
Languages, 4
LinkedIn Impression, 21,200+
Twitter Impressions, 22,900+
Facebook Organic Reach, 12,950+
54% consumptions from mobile devices

To push your content to these brilliant set of people, it needs to be strategic. We don’t have advertising slots here. Direct advertisement hardly works these days. It has to be better than that, that is why we prefer a long-form, storytelling-like. Therefore we recommend these instead:  

  1. Own A Channel
  2. Brand Content Creator
  3. Get Featured on Marketing In Asia
  4. Advertorial via MIA Deals
  5. Insert Backlinks

For more info, download our rate card today.

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Frankly, not many content-sharing platforms out there can really offer you the whole Asia as an audience to check your content out for less than US$100. But we can. Let’s collaborate.

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