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Everybody, Meet Tengku Muhammad Nasiruddin Bin Tengku Arshad

A Sagittarius and an extrovert. Meet Tengku Nas!

He knew that he’s not that kind of person who stays in the office every single day and does work. He enjoys going out and meeting people, networking and learning from them. He’s a digital nomad and a night owl and this is his story.

What are you up to lately?

April marks the fourth month of HUEX Agency. Currently, my partners and I are focusing on helping businesses with their social media marketing, especially Content Marketing. Our approach – by the name itself, HUmanising EXperience – is offering a real-life experience to the people on social media. We believe in this way, brands can build loyalty and trust with their audience.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (Majoring in Science & System Management). When I first started my career, I knew that I’m not that kind of person who stays in the office every single day and does work. I enjoy going out and meeting people, networking with them and learning from them. Hence, I chose to be in the sales line since my first job. Fast forward, after 5 years, I have gained just “enough” experience and courage to start my own business.

I believe people’s behaviour has changed. Back then, you still can close a deal without any marketing support. Now, marketing activities need to be more aggressive as a support to sales. You can talk to any salesperson, they will agree with this because they can’t close a deal with a client which never sees them on any digital platforms. Hence, the reason why I started my own social media agency. I’ve been crazy with social media since I was a kid . With this passion and my sales experience, I chose to start my entrepreneur journey with HUEX to help other businesses.

Where are you now?

Gombak, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Your zodiac?


Are you an introvert or extrovert?


Your official designation now is?


Marketing is broad, what’s your specialty?

Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing.

What do you love about Marketing?

Marketing is about understanding what people want. If you meet 100 people in a day, you will know how to come out with an idea that can capture at least 20 people’s attention. Marketing is all about people. Put yourself in their shoes, problem solved!

What do you hate about Marketing?

Marketing’s results always depend on the marketing budget. It’s difficult to spend RM1,000 to get RM10,000 results. Unless, with zero cost, you can make a viral content and by this I mean content that is funny and stupid. Hahaha. Then, you’ll get amazing results!

When thinking, you’d like to be alone or with people?

Don’t be surprised, I like to sit in a cafe all by myself, but surrounded by a lot of people. Looking at people walking, sitting, chit chatting gives me a lot of ideas.

Your ideas, most of them came from?

There are no ideas in this world that are never done by anyone else. My ideas? I love to research and see how other people do it. From there, I beautify the ideas based on my customer’s behaviour. Again, it’s all about understanding what your “people” wants.

Are you a digital nomad or office freak?

Currently digital nomad, looking forward to having his own office in the nearest future.

Your favourite social media?

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn and even TikTok!

What do you do when you’re not working?

Spending time with my family and reading. Ensuring my family realises that I’m spending time with them as much as with my business is very important for me.

Who’s your marketing icon?

I think everyone will know this name, Gary Varneychuk. I love how he markets himself on social media and indirectly promoting his business.

What is the first thing you’d do when you’re hired/chosen to handle a new project?

Research, research and research! At this point of my life, I can’t afford to fail any new project that I get. Other than that, asking opinions from all the experienced people and industry experts.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? 

Night owl. At night, I will spend time thinking about how to grow my business.

How do you stay motivated?

My own family. I always imagine providing a good life to my future wife and kids. Without money, I can’t do that. Sometimes, if I’m stressing out, I will pick up dumbbells and work out.

Ever got ideas from movies or songs?

Songs? No. Movies? Certain movies, yes.

The best book you’ve ever read?

I just started ready so I haven’t read a lot of books yet. So far, I like Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. I started to be more productive after reading this book.

How to contact you?

Just Google “Tengku Nas” and connect with me on all my social media. Other than that, you can directly email me at tengkumuhdnasir@gmail.com

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