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5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Gain Clarity

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Totally unpredictable. That’s how life is exactly. Sometimes, it throws us a curveball and suddenly we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by everything happening around us. And before we know it, we begin to feel lost and confused.

It is during  this time that we must consciously take a step back and pause as we reflect in our present space. Allow me to share with you these 5 questions you can ask yourself to gain clarity and allow you to be in control of your situation there after. 

What is true about the space I am in now?

When overwhelmed, we tend to ask based on a lot of assumptions. And that’s not exactly good to begin with. It is imperative to ground yourself based on facts: what is real, here and now about your current space? Remember, the only way you can truly process everything clearly is when you become truly honest with all the facts on hand. Acceptance is key, even if at times it may mean swallowing hard truths.

What exactly am I feeling?

Acknowledge your emotions. How do you feel? Where are they coming from? Note that it is important not to invalidate your feelings immediately. Instead, come from a space of objectiveness and inquire within: where are they grounded on? Facts or assumptions. It is important to allow yourself to feel them so that you will be able to understand (and accept ) them better in the process.

What is under my control? 

De-cluttering your mind is key if you want to gain clarity. So do away with worrying about things that are beyond your control and focus on what are under yours: your perception, your decisions, your priorities, your happiness, your journey – among others. Allow yourself to come from a space of self-love and choose to focus on what will make you feel happy, complete and fulfilled as you do away with the distractions.

What’s my ideal outcome?

How do you want things to unfold for you? Based on the things under your control, what will be your ideal results. Having a clear picture of where you want to go and what you want to achieve, gives you a glimpse of what you need to do (and be) to make those happen accordingly. It’s all about being in alignment with your own #bestmeever , whatever that may be. 

What can I do now to improve my space?

It’s all about growth. What specific actions will benefit you as you move on and forward? What can you do differently? Who can help you in your present journey? How can you re-align yourself once more as you become the person you’re meant to be? By taking careful consideration of all your discoveries from your self-inquiry, you will be able to map out strategies that will empower you to start all over again on a clean (and clear) slate. 

I hope that these questions can help you gain clarity as you discover the person you’re truly meant to be: your own #bestmeever .

Enjoy your journey within.

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Myke Celis is a Global Master Coach in Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy. This proud Unicorn known for his #bestmeever coaching platform is also a certified best selling author, international TEDx speaker, radio talk show host, serial entrepreneur and personal coach. Follow him on LinkedIn and website.

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