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How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Marketing Decisions In The Future

Here’s how AI will shape the future of digital marketing

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Artificial intelligence is here, already changing the landscape of digital marketing. And as it continues to develop and evolve, so too will it improve strategies while providing valuable customer insight. Digital marketers can use AI technology to spot rising microtrends and can sometimes even reliably predict trends before they occur. As a result, brands can then make strategic decisions regarding budget and target allocation, which will ensure that their digital advertising spend will always deliver the best possible results. Here’s how AI will shape the future of digital marketing.

Hyper-Personalised Content

While most people are more responsive to customised incentives and personalised experiences, some content marketers struggle when it comes to high-quality content personalisation. Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence provides highly sophisticated tools and improved methods for quick and easy creation of hyper-personalised content that leaves a lasting impact on target audiences.

These advanced tools employ enhanced techniques for data analysis which leverages user information to ensure they’re provided with only the most relevant data, so will be far more likely to be interested in their product or service. Hyper-personalised AI content helps companies rank higher on search engines, increase traffic, and decrease bounce rates so they can ultimately generate more revenue.

Analyse Mass Data

Thanks to its ability to collect and analyse data before learning from it, Artificial Intelligence is transforming strategies of digital marketing. Covering an expansive area, from automated decision management to social media analytics, AI marketing analytics works by merging unrelated data sources in order to identify patterns so it can predict future results. Mass data sets reveal associations, patterns, and trends which ultimately help marketers, designers, and content marketing teams execute solid marketing strategies.

As Varun Ashok, the Director of Mobile Experts, Australia’s leading phone repair chain says: “Analysing data is extremely important for our business. As a phone repair chain with close to 40 stores across Australia, we have the capacity to process massive amounts of consumer data. With the right tools in place to process that information, we are able to help it weigh out our decisions to help move the business forward.”

Automate Processes

Automation efficiency created by artificial intelligence is now well beyond assembly lines and the like. In several business functions of today, AI algorithms are now able to automate marketing and distribution processes by applying expert thinking to process mass volumes of customer or transaction data. This provides decision-makers with reliable and trusted insight, including initial assessment and ongoing recommendations for specific problems. Companies with access to AI-enabled analytics can predict what customers will most likely purchase in the future, allowing them to deploy targeted digital advertising to them in real time.

Digital Advertising

Speaking of digital advertising, it is easily one of the most successful marketing area that has adopted Artificial Intelligence. Simply by analysing user information and demographics such as age, gender, and interests, AI is now used in digital advertising across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Snapchat in order to provide the very best possible consumer experience. AI in advertising enables brands to make more informed and strategic decisions for target demographics and allocation of advertising budgets. AI helps brands display the most relevant advertisements to the right audience at exactly the right time, which ultimately improves the performance of digital ads and provides a much higher ROI.

Humans Are Still Required

The increasing uptake of AI doesn’t mean humans are no longer needed. Even though Artificial Intelligence and machine learning processes data faster than ever before, humans still have to manage these systems before taking the resulting insights and implementing the required changes.

Lauren Sommer, Managing Director of Moi Moi Fine Jewellery has this to say on the decision-making process – “Marketing decisions have always been a crucial part of our business, especially during recent times. As a business with both retail and e-commerce channels, the data we collect can be used to drive our decision on whether we should expand into a certain market or not, or shape our marketing campaigns based on live customer feedback.”

While AI technology and software will certainly replace some roles by assisting with the automation of basic workflows and other resource intensive tasks, fine motor skills of humans are still required and, at least at this stage, completely irreplaceable. Humans are still a crucial component of marketing as a whole, as we are needed to understand major situations and make informed decisions.

Humans Are Still Required

Marketers were initially a little hesitant to apply artificial intelligence to marketing processes and strategies but keeping up with the latest digital trends like AI is no longer a choice. Digital marketing AI is now our reality, offering a wide variety of benefits and options, which is who an increasing number of successful brands are adopting it within their marketing.

Marketers are now leveraging Artificial intelligence to make data-driven choices to increase the success of campaign results. They are utilising prediction efficiencies of AI to recognise the most likely customers, developing the most effective actions for client satisfaction to achieve higher sales and ROI. Artificial Intelligence is already improving marketing decisions because the future is already here.

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