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Marketing Psychology – 20 Top Principles You Can Use To Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

One key element of being a great marketer is to understand how (and why) our prospects think and act the way they do

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Marketing psychology is often one aspect of a marketing strategy that businesses usually neglect or ignore, but I can’t stress the importance of it because you have to understand your customers well enough in order for you to develop an effective strategy for your business. For example, do you know what actually makes your customers take action? Why do they choose to buy your competitors’ products or services instead of yours? How can you get them to purchase from you instead?

One key element of being a great marketer is to understand how (and why) our prospects think and act the way they do. This will be very critical in your business’ content marketing and social media strategy. To help you attract, convince and convert more prospects with your marketing, I’ve painstakingly compiled the best marketing psychology principles that you can use.

By always checking against this infographic each time you plan your strategy, you can learn how each of these principles influences consumer behaviour, and incorporate them into your larger marketing strategy, hence driving leads and sales to your brand. In case you do not want to read through this article and would prefer to just clip an infographic of it for reference later, you can download it below.

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A performance-driven, bilingual content & social media strategist from Singapore, Bei is passionate about SEO & creating powerful content that amplifies your brand. Follow Bei on the website.

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