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Why Omnichannel Marketing Iis Important For Customer Journeys

Being able to view the complete customer journey in a single place is critical.

According to Kantar Retail’s Global Database, by 2020, non-store retail is expected to account for 12% of the overall US retail marketplace for non-automotive goods. The concept of a wall-less, omnichannel retail world underpins many of the drivers, trends and strategies that will evolve by 2020 – PwC

Shopping only from physical stores is a thing of the past. With everything available with a few swipes, consumers have gradually adopted the stay-at-home online shopping experience. As consumers seek experiences that move seamlessly between the physical and digital worlds, they expect the right information at the right time, to help them make the right choice. Brands that ensure a consistent experience throughout customers’ journeys, on their preferred channels, successfully win their trust and loyalty. 

I cannot stress enough how much brands today need to adopt an omnichannel strategy in place and it’s no longer optional. 

To understand why omnichannel is so critical for a business that has both online and offline presence, let us look at a few search patterns reported by Think with Google consumer insights July 2015–December 2015 vs. July 2017–December 2017. According to Google’s data, there has been a 200% increase in mobile searches for “open” + “now” + “near me”.

These search trends conclude consumers require instant information and people and want to be connected with the brands they prefer. With an omnichannel strategy in place, you can plan and execute your customer journey to align with their unique preferences and behaviors.

Importance for Omnichannel Marketing for Customer Journeys

Customer journeys is a visual showcase of multiple interactions consumers have with a brand which span across many channels in order to make a purchase eventually. Consumer habits vary as per their requirements. It is up to business to recognize the differences and customize the journeys to provide optimal experience. 

No two customer journeys are the same, not every customer may go through the same interactions with a brand. If marketers want to maintain a consistent amount of engagement as customers hop across channels and devices, they must have a complete, unified view of the customer journey across all their touchpoints.

Source:  Beginners Guide to Omnichannel Marketing for 2021

To increase your visibility, you can begin with these three things to engage with customers at every stage: 

  • Be Available: Considering customers are phone savvy today, making as much information about your products and inventory readily available online would ease the decision-making process for the customers seeking instant information
  • Be Relevant : Getting relevant with the right context and content at the right time and the right channel can help converting this intent into an actual purchase.
  • Be Transparent: Provide your customers with a platform to engage with you post-purchase so that they can find information about their ordered product at any time. 

You can optimize your journeys further by using marketing automation tools by creating strategies to target customers from the first touchpoint, such as a welcome email, all the way to the retention stage where you can personalize the content to reduce churn rate. Choosing tools that offer you options such as smart segmentation, personalized communication, smart triggers and workflows to assist you in building your marketing automation plan. Being able to view the complete customer journey in a single place is critical. 

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