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3 Ways How A.I Is Redefining Customer Engagement

Businesses are adopting AI to multi-task and pick up various nuances of manual labour to ease the physical functionality

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Artificial Intelligence is no longer a far-fetched unrealistic dream. It is here, changing our lives in ways we cannot imagine and beckoning us to adopt it in every single medium of convenience. Businesses are adopting AI to multi-task and pick up various nuances of manual labour to ease the physical functionality.

From collecting data, streamlining processes, adding a touch of personalisation with AI chatbots, to speech recognition enabling Interactive Voice Response in a natural way. Gartner predicts by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.

Here are three ways AI is being employed to enhance customer engagement:

Enabling Personalisation. How users consume information is also changing steadfastly, for example – with Netflix or Spotify offering movie/music recommendations based on your watch/listen history, giving access to brands on how much content you are consuming everyday which helps them deliver more experiences on what you like. This in return keeps a User, like yourself coming back for more, ensuring personalisation at its best.

AI enables content optimisation. Another great advantage of AI is the brilliant speed at which it can deliver results. Content being an exhaustive element for most marketers leads to an uncertainty on which piece of content performed best across the on-going campaigns. The use of AI powered tools which automatically analyses the performance of each campaign and drives traffic towards top performing content ensuring maximum conversions is an easy way out.

 AI can help you optimise cross channel efforts. AI powered tools can help you conclude which channels of communication – Social Media channels, Email Campaigns, Push notifications, Google Display, etc. work the best for brands to increase engagement with users. A timely push of content across channels maximises the reach and efforts without human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence is powering industries and functions, enabling faster business decisions and helping brands focus on the end goal – customer experience. Curating and customising campaigns using real time data to deliver better customer engagement at multiple touchpoints is the holy grail for all.

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Unnathi Rayaprolu
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Unnathi is a marketer with a passion for learning anything new and indulging in various cultures while travelling. She enjoys a good read and a cup of coffee any time of the day. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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