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Your Brain On Korean Drama & How You Can Use This For Your Marketing

I found three NLP presuppositions and techniques that might explain this phenomenon

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Korean Drama has been such a phenomenon all over the world and research is currently being done to explain the reason for such popularity. It is part of HALLYU or the Korean wave that has taken over the world. What is the allure to its fans and followers?

Here are some of the replies:

  • Stories do not drag on
  • Beautiful cinematography
  • Shows the culture, food, destinations in Korea
  • Restraint acting

Having watched and finished some myself, I got curious as to how our brains probably react to Korean drama. I found three Neuro Linguistic Programming presuppositions and techniques that might explain this phenomenon.

Our Brains And Attention.

Attention processes are the brain’s way of shining light on relevant stimuli and tuning out the rest. Scientists, for a long time, because of attention’s relationship with consciousness, assumed it was a cortical phenomenon. Recent studies, particularly that of neuroscientist Michael Halasa found that the study about attention isn’t only about focusing, but also about filtering. 

When we watch korean drama, the non-Korean speaking audience is forced to read the subtitles. This makes us focus our attention more on the story. We have a better appreciation of the script, the nuanced acting, the cinematography. It also filters out all other distractions, like our actual lives. For a few minutes, or hours of our lives, we step into somebody else’s life, in another country, in another time, in another place. The full attention we offer the drama show lets us live and become part of the story. 

How do you use this for digital marketing? Putting subtitles in video ads helps our audience give us their attention. About 85% of video views on Facebook happen without sound. This is when potential buyers are just scrolling or in public places. Given the 3-second rule on a newsfeed, the subtitles will help with content retention being in multiple cue points, (audio and text on video). The same way with watching Korean drama, the outside world is filtered and the audience gets led inside your brand’s message.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Timelines.

A timeline in NLP refers to the way a person organizes the concept of time. It is a visual, linear experience of how we identify our past, present and future. Korean dramas have the knack for creating timelines. You will often see flashbacks or a vision of the future. The past shows their pains and struggles while the future highlights the possibilities. 

Marketers and business owners have to know and understand their customers’ pain points. It is important to ask potential buyers what they are experiencing so they can pre-qualify themselves. Find out how their problems have made them suffer in the past. How much have they actually paid to make the problem go away. Identify what keeps them up awake at night. This will help you understand their present need and position your product as the thing that will solve it. 

On the opposite side, like how Korean drama characters imagine themselves in the future, marketers can also future pace their customers by laying out a future full of possibilities. 

VAKOG or Representational Modalities.

Korean dramas are a complete experience. It is visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. The visual treat is not limited to just the actors and actresses themselves; it seems as if Korea is breathtaking through and through. The streets, the clothes, the parks, the city, the countryside, and even the small alleys shot in the middle of the night. They are also known for memorable soundtracks, and the stories take you to different seasons where you will feel the various temperatures and weather. Aside from these, Korean dramas show their appreciation for local cuisine by always showing mouth-watering Korean food, drinks and delicacies. You can almost smell and taste the food. 

Our human tendency is to think, write and speak in ways that we know. The problem is not everyone responds to the same stimuli. VAKOG can help you address a larger audience and in the process of making more sales. Korean dramas make sure that they appeal to all modalities.Your marketing and advertising looks, sounds, feels, smells, tastes good. This can be applied to your website, social media content and even your webinars and training. 

In a world where the audience thinks they have seen it all, Korean dramas still manage to interrupt the television and now the streaming  industry with a variety of new and fresh concepts. You see, our brains are lazy. It sees and creates patterns and keeps those patterns for faster understanding and response. 

Marketers in the digital space have so much to learn from Korean drama’s popularity. Attention is currency and the Korean drama market is drowning in attention. Entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, need to implement strategic pattern interrupts to gain the same attention. We need to keep our communication and marketing fresh. We need to sell to the five senses. We need to present problems and possibilities. 

I cannot wait to watch more Korean dramas to learn more. Or maybe it is just an excuse to once again enter K-Drama Land and binge-watch all I want.

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Written By

Valerie Fischer is a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner. She has over 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing, and co-founded an e-commerce site for locally made products. She was a Chief Marketing Officer in a real estate company in 2019 but, along with millions of Filipinos last year, she was let go during the pandemic. And, as her story goes, this unfortunate incident actually led her to her purpose. She now helps online business owners and entrepreneurs grow their revenue with Brain ScienceSelling. Follow her on website and Facebook.

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