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The Real Importance of The “About Us Page”

It is actually one of the most visited pages in websites

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Every website has to have one – an About Us Page.  No, don’t be fooled into thinking that the About Us Page is simply a “site filler”, just a backroom in the  store or an afterthought by the site creator… or perhaps a bucket where information that falls under the  “others” classification falls under. It is way more than that. Come to think of it, it is one of the most visited pages in websites. 

No, The About Us Page Is Not The Homepage 

However, as a reminder, do not confuse the About Us Page with the Homepage. The About Us page is  NOT where you read about how great the newest car model is, how delicious and nutritious the snacks  are, or how effective a workout program is. 

The About Us Page is about the team behind the car who relentlessly researches and works so that  they’d be able to constantly improve the fuel efficiency and surpass every automotive safety standard…  it’s about how the very first batch of snacks churned out by the company’s kitchen was lovingly done by  a mother who was initially desperately trying to find a healthy snack for her kids and how the company  now continues the tradition of innovating healthy yummy snacks for kids… it’s about this coach who  couldn’t seem to find an “effective formula” to slim down or to muscle up in the past and how he now has come up with a fun, safe, realistically sustainable workout system after trying a bunch of workouts,  diet fads and supplements himself…  

Picture in your mind a storefront window where you see all the best products or services a shop could  offer… that’s the business’ homepage. Now, think about being brought to the store office to meet the  store manager or business owner and having a chat with them on how their business came to be and  how they’re always ready to be of help to you and to the community… that is the About Us Page. 

Leave the product selling and technical stuff to the homepage and to the product pages… 

The About Us Page Is About The Fuel That Powers The Company Engine 

This is where you’d find the driving force behind the business and its products… and maybe even a sneak  peek into where the company plans to be in the future based on its current successes and values.  

More often than not, we as consumers become proud or even excited of our purchases if we learn that  the company behind the products that we support are out to achieve a noble and community-centric  goal. It is when we find out how the values behind the company’s “why” resonates with our own that  our decision to become loyal to them is cemented.

Detailing one’s core values or even vision/missions can likewise be a way for companies to engage or  even enamor customers. 

Paying The Store A Visit To Shake Hands With The Sales Manager 

Back in the day, when people wanted to know more about the business or product they were  considering to buy, they’d go pay a visit to the store or office to meet the sales manager or even the  owner himself, just to weigh in and get a sense if they’d be easy to transact business and even if they’d  have integrity. But, now in the age of the internet, the About Us page takes on that role of being the  “face behind the business”. This is how and where the prospects or visitors can be hooked and be  convinced that aside from the products being offered, the business’ culture and values are something  that they’d want to support and even be loyal to… 

Think about it… you’d want to find out how a crafts company would source out its environmentally  friendly materials to be able to give back to a indigenous community it supports, how the neighborhood  vet cares for his fur babies back home, and for my wife’s and my personal favorite… how a fitness coach  is able to show how he/she lives out the fitness advice and programs that he/she sells…  

Positively Engage Your Audience 

For the business or its owners, be who you are… be genuine, take pride in sharing your craft or  expertise… showcase your advocacies, as well. However, do not brag nor be aloof when “talking” to your  visitors. Remember, they’ve come to be inspired by or to learn from you… not be blown with hot air…  

Also, do not forget who you’re talking to… their background, I mean… it will determine your tone,  words, examples, stories.  

Is your audience made up of start-up business people who’re struggling to find their big break and  would need encouraging words and stories? Is your audience a community of dieters who’d need to  hear you say that you’ve been where they are now and that they will see the fruits of all their hard work  soon enough? 

Some questions that About Us readers might have are: 

1. Who are the people behind the business? 
2. How long has this company been around? 
3. How did the business start? 
4. What is the vision-mission of the company? What do they stand for? 
5. How are they different from other businesses? 


1. Nike

By looking at their About Us Page, you’d immediately realize that they are much more than just  selling athletic apparel and gear. They are into the propagation of sports, the bonding of youth and  communities and participation in sport by everyone – young, old, challenged or not.  

2. Nestle Phil. Inc.

In their page, Nestle is straightforward in sharing everything one needs to know about them: their  history, brands, key figures and businesses and milestones.  

3. Princess Cruises

Their About Us Page gives a 360 degree view of how they relate to the community around them  such as their passengers, their investors, their suppliers, the communities they support and the  environment they try to protect.  

The Heart And Soul 

In closing, the About Us Page is the heart and soul of the website. It is where visitors get to appreciate  all the thoughts and emotions that have formed the products and services they will get to see in the site  or they actually already enjoy.  So when thinking of or typing your business’ About Us Page, go and pour your heart out and bare your  soul!

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Gerald is the owner of Funnels That Sell. It helps clients generate & convert quality leads by offering communication solutions for their businesses. Follow him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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