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Start A Blog Today, Your Business Needs One

If you want to improve your authority, start blogging today.

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A blog is a website or a web page regularly updated with discussion posts usually written informally or  conversationally. No matter what your business is, it will be worth your while to invest some of your time and effort into  putting up and maintaining a blog page on your website. It has foreseen benefits. It does require a level  of commitment and courage, though. It involves responsibility because you will have to put up blog posts  once you get into it regularly. It likewise needs a level of guts as you will be putting yourself within reach  of your site followers’ comments and questions every time. 

A Relationship Builder 

It builds and strengthens your relationship with your site visitors because of its ongoing conversation-like  exchange with them, whether new or regular. Think of it as an open line, an ongoing conversation  between friends who regularly discuss related topics. With it, you’ll reach out and bond with your  followers and prospects. You’ll be growing your community before you know it. Engagement scores will  likewise improve as they will eagerly await your next discussion post for them to participate in it. Of 

course, be genuine and sincere. Share your real personal and business values. Your readers will appreciate  authenticity. If you’re lucky, they might even share the same values as you. However, you will have to be  ready for anything. Authenticity comes with a price. You will enjoy heaps of praise if you do great by them,  but you will have to roll with some punches if they have issues they need you to address. 

Nonetheless, blogging will be an exercise that will positively affect your business’ Customer Relationship  Management (CRM) standing. It will be the perfect platform for you to respond to questions and issues.  Plus, you’ll be able to feel your readers’ pulse about specific topics. 

Efficient Marketing Platform 

Want to test or promote a new product or service? Consult your site visitors. Go ahead and ask them how  they find your new materials (videos, podcasts, artwork) or offer. In other sites, it’s even the place where  they expose test concepts for validation. Take advantage of the platform by giving your followers the  power of the “Yay” or the “Nay.” They’ll appreciate it. 

Additionally, you can use this space to discuss product usage or service availment. Many now tout blogging as a creative way to advertise. There are claims that about 80% of companies  now prefer posting a series of blog discussions built around their offers. They regard the conventional  “buy now” approach as passe. Blogging even seems to resonate more with customers who seem to be  tired of the usual advertisements.

Become The Authority 

Go ahead and claim authority in your chosen field! 

Blog about your experiences, thoughts, and insights consistently. In time, you will become the known  expert to your audience for it. Granting that you also give value in your posts and encourage a healthy  dose of discussion, you will earn the designation of being the go-to guy for such topics. Encouragingly  enough, the more you become the authority for something, the more your site followers will trust you. A  reputation of being the authority in a subject matter will prove extremely valuable for you and your  business in the long run. 

As such, people will share your posts more, and there will be a higher probability that they will cite them.  That is free marketing for your business! 

Blogging Will Make your Site More Searchable  

If you want more eyeballs to your site, keep on blogging. By consistently blogging, you build more pages and content into your site, and as you add more pages,  content, and keywords, the more search engines like Google will recrawl your site to index.  Keep at it, and your site will surely climb up the searchability ladder. 

Start Today 

If you want to seriously strengthen your relationship with your followers (and even prospects) and  improve your authority in your field, start blogging today! Open and maintain that dialogue with them.  Be there for them. Before long, people will notice and flock to your site. They will genuinely appreciate  you and your business!

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Gerald is the owner of Funnels That Sell. It helps clients generate & convert quality leads by offering communication solutions for their businesses. Follow him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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