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How To Create A Continuous Conversation With Your Readers

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In today’s blogging market, it’s all about customer interaction and making them feel like friends in a way. The more of a relationship you can build with them, the more they are going to return to your site and engage in what you have posted.

The variety of mediums that are used on a daily basis, such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and others all have their own pros and cons for different devices. Depending on whether you’re having a tweet party or a sharing contest, you’ll find that your readers will connect from tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops alike.

Building Virtual Relationships. So what is the benefit of continuously talking to your readers like this, and does it really make a difference? Think of it as a friendship that you’re cultivating with someone and the difference between talking to them once a week or every day. Which one are you going to feel closer to? This business/blog is not a personal friendship but you can build just as strong a following. 

Sharing pictures on Instagram, for example, not only lets them see the person behind the page but lets them have a better idea of your personality. You can show your quirky, funny, or professional side based on the content of the image. It’s important to become more than just a web page or you will easily blend in with every other site they visit. This is the first step in that very necessary conversation.

Starting Meaningful Conversations. In a friendship, it’s not just about stating your own point of view. It’s about asking how your friends feel and getting their reactions to situations. You can do the same thing by posting questions on Twitter and Facebook and encouraging readers to comment. As they reply, make sure you answer or reply back so they know you’re paying attention. Even if they may disagree with something you’ve posted, the point is that they’re reading it! Thank them for sharing their thoughts and continue on without starting an argument.

Sharing and “Bribes”. There is no shame in “bribing” your readers to share your content, posts, and pictures. Have a drawing once a month and then send the reader with the most shares or likes a nice gift. Not only will they be more excited to share your content, but when they use your gift, they will think of you. It’s a small expense for you that results in future visits, and also referrals of their friends and family members.

Use technology in your favour and don’t be afraid to post a quick video on Twitter, Facebook or your blog. It doesn’t always have to be a professional setting with just the right audio. Your readers will appreciate your relaxed approach that allows them to see who you really are and this continuous conversation will be something that both sides enjoy!

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