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Make Your Content More Attractive & Versatile

While the quality of writing comes first, the look of your content shouldn’t come second

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Millions of people might be interested in a viral post – Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World, but how many people outside your industry would be interested in New Composite Materials, Law Practice or Digital Marketing? – Not all contents are naturally interesting but, just because a subject isn’t naturally interesting, that doesn’t mean you will publish a boring post! Any topic can be interesting if you present it the right way.

Imagine there’s a man walking in a ghetto area wearing a Tuxedo, a pair of neon-bright Oxford Shoes and a nice watch, will you be tempted to find out more about him? 

Applying the above analogy to your content, how many visitors are likely to take pause on your content because of the attractive thumbnail? 

While the quality of writing comes first, the look of your content shouldn’t come second. Educational content gives value to your readers, but having a clean and attractive layout is one of the keys to engage and convert your leads online.  

By adding a relevant image to your post, research suggested that your views will increase by 80% when compared to those without an image. This trend can be observed from most social media platforms. Over time, you will notice that the developers such as LinkedIn and Facebook changed between their layouts and tools. They embed tools that accept high-quality images, videos and dictates your content character and its length. This is to ensure that their platform catches and retains their audience’s attention based on their analytics tools.

Addressed these few keys before you publish your educational/professional content:

  • Use a modern layout; perhaps, choose infographic over listicles to convey your facts.
  • Insert an attractive image that can complement your writing.
  • Keep your writing flow simple and publish under different headings, as if your reader has no background information.
  • Make your content skimmable.
  • Mix-up your content format- If you have to present data or a series of findings, mix up this content with real stories, gifs or graphics.

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Fatihah is a Legal Compliance Professional from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is fluent in human, legal and business language. Fatihah is the owner of MYLexcheck, a writing company that helps small firms in Malaysia grow their business with editorial works and digital marketing. Connect with her on LinkedIn and website.

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