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Candy Factory Group, The Unconventional Jewel From The Pearl Of The Indian Ocean

A film company gradually took to digital media – now handles almost every aspect of marketing

Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash

No matter how much it hurts now, one day you will look back and realise, it changed your life for the better. Changing your life for the better is the best answer to any problem you face in life. 

Under the tagline “Your Imaginary Friend”, Candy Factory is a creative agency based in Sri Lanka with limitless potential to transcend beyond horizons. Candy Factory kick started as a film company and gradually took to digital media and now it handles social media marketing, designing, photography, videography, events of any nature, filming and almost every aspect of marketing.  

“Madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push”​. This madness keeps people pushing beyond limits.

Joker has many definitions, but the one Candy Factory loves is “any method, trick or expedient for getting the better of another”​, because that’s what they are good at. The Candy Factory (Pvt) Ltd is a sanctuary of creativity which consists of business ventures catering to the arenas of digital marketing, creativity, branding, filming, music, events, etc. Candy Factory born in a tiny room inside a house 2 years ago is currently traversing on a journey to become a larger conglomerate. 

During this journey they have faced many ups and downs, moments of glory as well as moments of sorrow. The courage and drive of the young guns of Candy Factory have enabled them to push the limits and transform as a resilient business entity in Sri Lanka. During most of the turbulent times, Candy Factory has been able to rise to the challenges and move forward with pride fulfilling their clients’ needs to the utmost.

The story of Candy Factory revolves around a Joker who does not joke; because business is not a joke. Joker’s Films, Cyber Labs, Private Noise, The Joker’s Concept, Joker’s Holidays and Heavenly Made are the brands under the belt of Candy Factory (Pvt) Ltd. The Founder of Candy Factory, Barana Ranasen, is a passionate, skilled and driven personality well versed in digital marketing, creativity, branding, filming, music and many more aspects of everything. 

The heart of Candy Factory is the extremely talented and courageous team of youngsters it possesses. The team, also known as “Joker’s Army” consists of a set of young guns who are absolutely creative and more importantly, their hunger for learning has kept Candy Factory few steps ahead of their competitors at all times. 

Candy Factory’s operations are based on 2 disruptive policies which the team adheres to the letter. The policies are: 

  1. “Joker Never Lies”​ – 100% genuineness in whatever task they undertake;
  2. “Deliver 700%”​ – when a client invests $100, they deliver a value of $700.

Keeping in line with these policies and standards, Candy Factory is eyeing the potential of taking Sri Lanka to the globe. Consequently, Candy Factory Myanmar was launched recently. Likewise, it is aspiring to make the Sri Lankan flag fly high in many more countries. 

Candy Factory is privileged to have a dedicated, committed and infinitely creative set of socially weird explorers in the team. 

Candy Factory’s journey as a business entity, spreading its wings across the globe will be phenomenally beneficial to many around the world and it has already showed great signs of becoming a behemoth in the international business arena.

“This is not the Joker you Know. It’s the one that helps you Grow.”​

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Sasanka is Marketing In Asia's Editor and Partner for Sri Lanka. He is also a Sri Lankan News Anchor, LinkedIn Strategist, Circular Economy Researcher, Speaker & Writer. Follow him on LinkedIn

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