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How Experienced Professional Writers Deliver Value to Business Clients

Experienced professional writers can see the overall client strategy – and provide strategic counsel and solutions to clients – not just word count.

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Experienced professional writers provide a high-value proposition to companies who retain their services – as “words are the foundation of all online content,” as Brian Clark succinctly describes in copyblogger.

Experienced professional writers help clients command online attention.

As Pamela Wilson details in copyblogger: “Quality professional writers command attention online, whether they do it for themselves or for the businesses they represent. Writers influence behaviour, help form opinions and drive people to take action… Great writers are, [therefore], the modern-day stonemasons of any online presence.”

Wilson details 3 core ways which distinguish experienced professional writers and render their services exceptionally valuable to the businesses or organisations who retain their services to help build and maintain their online thought leadership status. They are:

Strategic understanding of the businesses and organisations they serve. Experienced professional writers can study businesses and organisations and know how to articulate their unique value proposition. They see the overall client strategy – and provide strategic counsel and solutions to clients – not just word count.

Establish and adhere to editorial deadlines. Experienced professional writers establish editorial calendars and help clients adhere to them. This is essential to helping businesses establish a consistent stream of influential content.

Follow-up after content is published. Experienced professional writers follow-up by reviewing published articles and advising clients on how content looks online. These writers also ask for feedback and often offer related services which will help the client achieve a variety of goals associated with the overall content marketing project.

Looking forward. Businesses looking to retain the services of content writers should keep in mind these key characteristics of experienced professional writers. Because it is these characteristics that will help your business most effectively harness the power of content to influence key audiences.  Wilson notes how experienced professional writers often over-deliver on deadlines, quality of content created and strategic insight. And isn’t this exactly the kind of writer you want to help your business?

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John Grimley is an independent writer and editor to international businesses and organisations. He edits and publishes Asia Law Portal, a blog and social media channels focused on the business of law in the APAC region. He’s also the author of A Comprehensive Guide to the Asia-Pacific Legal Markets, published by Ark Group in 2014. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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