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What Do You Actually Mean When You Say That You’re A Sales Professional?

When we say we are in sales, we are branded with certain characteristic traits:

  1. We talk fast
  2. We talk a lot, and too much actually
  3. We love talking
  4. We won’t stop talking
  5. We can talk about anything
  6. We are so good at talking, people will just get so confused and annoyed. They end up buying as that is the only way to get rid of us.

When we say we are a professional, we are again branded, with yet another set of characteristic traits:

  1. We have deep voice
  2. We pace our speech
  3. We make sure we are fully understood
  4. We talk too little and ask too many questions
  5. We won’t stop asking questions
  6. We provide solutions with authority
  7. We don’t really care if you agree or not

Now, when we say we are a sales professional, you can see they roll their eyes. Some of them keep their eyes and mouths wide open as a sign of disbelief. They don’t know how to, or what to think about it.

The term “sales professional” is often viewed as an oxymoron. According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, an oxymoron is “a combination of contradictory or incongruous words”. Some examples are pretty ugly, strangely familiar and small giant.

Sale Professional – it is an oxymoron. Or is it not?

I want to present a case. I want to show you that sale professional does exist. Not only I know how to spot them, I know how you can become one!

A Professional

When we say “a professional”, who comes to mind? The doctors, the engineers, the lawyers, the consultants, the auditors and so on.

Question, have you heard of people who say that the doctor, the lawyer, the engineer, the consultant, the auditor… is so “unprofessional”? I am sure you have. Now, when we say a person is a car mechanic, an electrician, a plumber, would you say they are “a professional”? Most likely not.

Question, have you heard of people who say that the car mechanic, the electrician, the plumber… is so “professional”? I am sure you have too. So, considering all these scenarios that we are all too familiar with, what makes a person, regardless of his profession, a professional?

The Professionals – Who Are They?

A paediatrician is a professional. Your kid is sick. You visit a paediatrician. After consultation, he prescribes the relevant medication. As this is your kid first visit a doctor, he is nervous. He cannot stop crying and screaming.

The paediatrician stares at your kid. She looks annoyed. She tells you to go out to settle your kids before seeing her again. You recount this experience and you tell your friend, “She is so unprofessional”.

You have a problem with rats in your house. You call in the pest control people. They come with all sort of top of line high-tech equipment. They scan all corners of your house to ensure that there is “leftover”. Finally, you are then thought of some home remedy that you can do-it-yourself to prevent this from happening again. You recount this experience and you tell your friend, “They are so professional”.

I love watching football (soccer). It is true that any footballer can put all the balls behind the net. From time to time. It takes a professional footballer to keep scoring, matches after matches, even when he is always closely guarded. This is especially true when coming to high profiles matches where the pressure to score is much higher.

So, what really makes a professional, professional?

  1. They are highly skilled in their trade
  2. They get things done, deliver them with the highest quality.

Who Are the Sales Professionals, Really?

With this understanding, we are now ready to answer the question –

Who are the sales professionals?

  1. They are among the best in their respective industry. If they sell construction materials, they are the expert in building and construction business. If they sell dental imaging products, they are the expert in a dental x-ray, 3D dental imaging and the latest dental 3D printing technology.
  2. They deliver the sale result, month in month out, even under challenging external and internal environment.
  3. They score high in customer satisfaction as they deliver their result with customers’ best interest at heart.

In any profession, there are people who are happy with just being there. Then we have people who are not contented to be one of the masses and determined to be the best in their fields. They are earning real money, and most importantly, building their fulfilling career.

Just like any profession, there are salespeople who are happy enjoying some commission month in month out. Then, there are some very ambitious people, knowing that the big game is at the top. They resolved to keep learning, keep thinking out of the box to be the best in their industry. Being the best means you can demand attention. You propose, suggest and provide the perfect solutions.

All you really want to do in selling is to spend time with people that are ready, open to explore and solve the problem. You will definitely find them in the course of your prospecting.

The question is, are you ready?

~ Will the Real Sales Professional Please Stand Up ~

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Siong Jin Hsu is an accomplished Sales professional. He loves to engage people in a quality conversation. He is happy to share with anybody who wants to know how to execute sales the right way. You may follow him on LinkedIn.

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