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Awesome Summer Marketing Ideas To Boost Online Sales

Here are 6 ways to keep up your e-commerce sales this summer

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As the summer season is coming in full swing, tourism will be at its peak. The summertime is usually the season for finally soaking up the sun and spending time picnicking at the beach. This means that people usually don’t spend much time on their devices. Therefore, the purchases usually drop down during the summer season.

To boost up sales, retailers have to work harder to attract customers and offer them an irresistible online shopping experience that they can’t ignore. So, here are 6 ways to keep up your e-commerce sales for this summer.

Offer Sales and Discounts

Did you know that most of the expensive summer purchases take place on Mondays? Considering this, you have to offer flash sales, coupon deals on Mondays than any other day. If you think intelligently like this, you will be able to make more sales and increase your revenue. 

Look at the bigger picture and drop the prices of summer products as the temperature goes higher. Maybe you can’t make enough revenue during the start but trust us, you will be able to make enough revenue by the end of the summer season. 

Sell Summer Products

Some products are in high demand as the summer season comes up. While some essential products are not much used during the summer season. For instance, sunglasses are sold more in the summers as compared to any other season. 

Similarly, hats, p-caps, sunscreens, and cooling fans have enormous sales during the hot long days of summer. The retailers should identify the products that have more sales during a specific season. In this way, you can keep up with demanded items. 

If you have left-over stock of the winter season, you can either sell them at big discounts or save them for the coming season. 

Use Attractive Packaging of Your Items

Keep a list of all the holidays in a year. Use packaging according to the holidays. Believe it or not, this will mark a great impression of you on the customer. As this shows the holidays are equally important for you and you are celebrating them with your customers in the form of attractive packaging. 

You can also offer free delivery as a holiday gift to your customers. A hardened bargain shopper can also complete the purchase if you are offering free delivery. The customers who hesitate to pay extra charges for the delivery can now happily purchase from your site.

Target International Market

It is always advised to retailers to consider their local market. But never let go of the option of targeting the global market. You can check the Department of Commerce for any country you are targeting for selling your products. This will help you to identify which products are in high demand in other countries.

If it’s summer here, there might be winters in different parts of the world. So, you have to do proper research about the items that are in high demand in winter for other countries. In this way, you will be selling all the seasonal stocks left on your shelves. 

Conduct A Giveaway & Create A Challenge

You can even plan giveaways by a lucky draw. This will develop more interest in your products and customers would love to participate in the giveaways. 

Another fantastic way is to create a challenge and promote it by using a hashtag. This is the most interesting way to promote your product. Even if someone does not make a purchase but did the challenge, your products become famous, and many others do end up buying your product.

Showcase Goodwill

The progress rate of your business is likely to shoot up by ten times if you bring forth an element that may already exist within your business plan and structure. Wondering what? Well, goodwill, of course. Your business may already be supporting local communities and groups, or perhaps, third parties. You may as well be already helping fellow struggling businesses or mentoring young individuals who aspire to begin with a similar venture. (If not, begin working on it!) 

All you ought to do is let your clientele know that you engage in such activities so that they may support your cause. Naturally, people would spend on your products as compared to the rest. Everyone wants to make the most of their hard-earned money.

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