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2018 Will Be Noisier, But These 8 Personal Branding Traits Will Make Sure You Stand Out

Becoming you is one of the best personal branding strategies which will yield compelling values that’s interesting, interactive and “alive” in the social world. These are 8 personal branding tricks for 2018 that will make yourself stand out against the rest.

22Becoming you is one of the best personal branding strategies which will yield compelling values that’s interesting, interactive and “alive” in the social world. These are 8 personal branding tricks for 2018 that will make yourself stand out against the rest.

Branding is a journey and a process of compellingly marketing yourself based on an in-depth soul searching extraction in lieu to understanding who, where, when, why and how you stand in the society painstakingly overflowing with egos alleviating public envy on social media. So why dwell in the society which makes you feel the need to constantly promote ego and levitate your confidence platform? Simple, become you.

When the phone rings on your mobile, the caller ID shows a name saved in your directory that’s associated with a meet or relationship with the person. It’s this association of relationship which means personal branding. We often associate someone with a consistent nature of job or business, and often than not some tend to change jobs or business which is confusing when we relate to whom they are. And yes I heard your thoughts; how would one brand themselves or come out of the taboo of labeling? Simple, become you.

Becoming you is one of the best personal branding strategies which will yield compelling values that’s interesting, interactive and “alive” in the social world. These are 8 personal branding tricks for 2018 that will make yourself stand out against the rest:

Influence and Engage. Personal presence is defined in many ways, but we all have experienced that one gentleman and a lady who walks into the room and people step aside. The influential presence is felt with head turns. They manifest confidence and act with intention. Who gives them the power? You and everyone in the room – on the contrary chap! It’s they themselves. Become you and step forward. Be visible and accessible for all to see and engage with you. Attend industry related events, workshops, self- improvement talks not only to socialise but to also network. Engage all with your created social media profiles and constantly post or create content to share your thoughts. The more you influence and engage them yourself, the stronger the association to you.

Showtime. Yes! It’s Showtime baby! Show the human side of you from having breakfast at Tiffany’s and dessert at your favourite cendol stall in Malacca. Share your week do’s and attach photos. Despite the fact selfie is a psychological disorder, everyone is insane! People tend to relate to being normal and becoming themselves. Thus, your responsibility is to show you are either as insane as them or as normal as you. Become you! Feel the need to understand everyone is just in need of some show!

Thought Leader. Understand you and your industry. It could be your company’s business or services, learn it and be a walking encyclopedia of it! Not asking you to become a nerd! I don’t need a dictionary too! Needless to say the coloured pens in sync! Become you with the strong thought-process and create topics of discussions within the proximity of your industry. Elevate your personal brand in sharing acquired latest news, trends and competitor activities.

Invincible hook. Never restrict yourself by jumping on the bandwagon or following the hype. Find topics that relate to your personal opinion over the hyped matter. Become you by stepping out of your comfort zone in experimenting the new tools, videos, reviews, new topics and perhaps a new hairdo! Always discard the common topics or uniquely alter that common topic with your insightful taste of dark humour! Speaking of which; did you know the mark of an exceptional company is how you treat exceptions?

Stir the pot! Contradicting points sounds strange but an honest debate distinguishes you! Always take time to debate on views or posts. You’re neither a peacekeeper nor an online mogul, just become you. Plus, the interest you’ll get from the scuffle will highly likely earn you more followers too! Now! Now! Stay calm! Haven’t Trump just announced that the lost Billions will be returned to the Rakyat!? We tend to jump the gun and make comments that may jeopardise the content’s objective. The methodology is in doing it respectfully and arguing against the grains sensibly.

Databasing. Focus on multi-beneficial networking within the many followers and your followings. Don’t be a selfish pot and just accept benefits, make sure it’s a 2-way opportunity whereby the other has an opportunity to benefit from this relationship. Maintain a prompt and detailed database of all these people. Categorise their advantages and how you are able to benefit them too. As your personal brand grows, you will need to sustain your presence. Become you and maintain constant contact with all. Ask them out for an event, no it’s not speed dating; although it’s definitely with benefits but not what’s being referred. Seize the opportunity to show you at the events.

Aggrandize. Constantly enhance your online profiles with new profile photos, events you have attended, rubbing shoulders with the big guns and your recent personal activities. Yes partying at Hard Rock, climbing Mount Kinabalu and golfing with Japanese female caddies are accepted! No raunchy photos or those hairy armpits! Haram! Develop a practice to maintain updates on a daily basis. Although it’s tough, but are you truly as active as you should be? Pull up your socks mate! Get ’em working! You may only become you when you are truly you. Brand you!

People Matter. Create a strong value proposition by giving back to the society. Charity or volunteering for a cause which is important to you indicates your stand and beliefs. Standing for a cause develops high personality and admiration. You could publish an article or highlight the charity or volunteering event in your profile. This attracts positive attention and more followers will believe. Everyone remembers selfless acts. Give back and become you.

As I conclude I’ve realised how I’ve left out my very own dark humour! Needless to say, for everyone who believes in themselves, life changes you. Adapt to changes but remember to become you and brand you. Everyone has a personal brand either by design or by default created by society and the environment we live in. Be mindful of your life and career you lead for it may be perceived differently in the society and environment if you aren’t consciously designing it to brand you. Between, speaking of design, dress up well with designers! Something to rant in the next chapter!? When you don’t design your brand, everyone will brand you.

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