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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Coaching

Allow me to share with you some popular ones and the truth behind each based on my experience

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It’s no wonder that more and more people are getting interested in coaching. At present it’s one of the fastest growing industries to date,  with the life coaching category considered to be a $2,000,000,000 (USD) industry to date with a yearly growth of 5.5% according to Forbes.

There is also a growing trend of getting coaches in the workplace and for one’s personal growth, there by solidifying the impact coaches have on the world today.

However, for those who are unfamiliar with the practice, there are a lot of myths which need to be debunked accordingly when it comes to engaging the services of a professional coach. Allow me to share with you some popular ones and the truth behind each based on my experience:

  1. A client’s success is 100% dependent on how good the coach is.
    You pay a premium for quality. While getting a highly seasoned coach with exceptional credentials and a portfolio of successful clients to match can actually help assure you that he delivers accordingly—know that it’s not just about him. It’s also about your commitment to yourself, your goals, your coach and the entire process altogether. You may have the best coach there is, but if you’re not willing to do your part, achieving your biggest goals, your own #bestmeever can be quite a struggle.  You have to work hand in hand with your chosen coach always to be able to maximize your entire journey.
  1. My coach will do the work for me.
    Oh no honey. Contrary to that belief, it’s you who has to do all the work. Your coach will be there to empower you, open some doors perhaps and make you recognize all the wonderful opportunities ahead that are aligned with your biggest goals. But at the end of the day, it’s your actions and determination that will allow you to reach the next level. Your coach is not your employee per se – he is your accountability partner. 
  1. It takes a long time to see the effects of coaching.
    This is not true. I have experienced engaging in random coaching conversations which lasted merely less than 10 minutes each…and the people I engaged with had their breakthroughs already. While other cases may require a longer period of time to process, I totally believe that the speed is dependent on how good the coach is when asking powerful questions and processing information and how willing the client is to surrender to the entire process because honesty, humility and vulnerability will pave way to breakthroughs faster.
  1. Virtual coaching is less effective than face to face coaching.
    This is a misconception most people had when the entire pandemic happened. While a lot of my local clients still prefer that we meet in person for our sessions, I also have a number of foreign clients whom I have been coaching virtually ever since. And these international clients still managed to have their own breakthroughs and thrive in the space they’re in after each and every session that we have online. I think a coach’s beautiful heart, sincerity and authenticity transcends geographical and digital boundaries effortlessly which allows him to deliver the life changing results his clients want and need. The client’s willingness to commit to the entire process as he gives his 100% always and in all ways, even if done virtually, plays a big role also in the success of the coaching engagement.
  1. Coaching is not for everyone.
    Please guys, do away with the notion that getting a coach is only for those who have problems to resolve. Truth be told, everyone needs a coach. Whether you’re starting from scratch, healing, transitioning, moving on and forward, pursuing your biggest dreams or discovering life after success, a coach can help you journey with clarity  intact as you plan your actions strategically according to your grandest vision. 

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you see yourself as the best investment you can make. And having a coach to journey with you in this lifetime can make you realize the priceless life experience that awaits you.

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Myke Celis is a Global Master Coach in Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy. This proud Unicorn known for his #bestmeever coaching platform is also a certified best selling author, international TEDx speaker, radio talk show host, serial entrepreneur and personal coach. Follow him on LinkedIn and website.

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