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How To Boost Productivity, Drive Team Performance & Increase Team Engagement To Thrive In 2021

Currently, there are still a lot of uncertainties to be faced not only by employees but the leaders as well

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused sudden changes in our lives both within and outside work. Currently, there are still a lot of uncertainties to be faced not only by employees but the leaders as well. In a recent poll that we at VB Consulting conducted for the LinkedIn Local Philippines event, 83% of leaders who responded said that boosting productivity, driving team performance, and employee engagement are among the most challenging concerns for them during the pandemic.

In a recent virtual event, we were able to talk with three globally recognized coaches who shared their expertise and years of experience to help others thrive during the pandemic.

Coach John shares five questions to ask yourself to stop being reactive

Our first panelist is Coach John Todorovic, co-founder of 2mm Club whose purpose is to help leaders and professionals learn to make 2mm changes that can lead to exceptional results. Coach John discussed how we are living a reactive life, a life that is just thrown at you, as opposed to living the life we want to live.

Here are the five tips that Coach John have shared and the questions you should ask yourself to live the life you want:

  • Have selective attention – What is it that you want to focus on?
  • Be strategically ignorant – Who or what should you ignore? Yes, even “who”
  • Develop Prioritization – What do you want to prioritize?
  • Utilize Time Boxing –  Where do you want to spend your time on?
  • Maximize Recovery – How will you improve yourself? 

Coach Anda shares five strategies to help you build a high-performing team

Our second panelist is the first Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach in the Philippines and one of the Gallup-Certified Strengths pioneers in the country. For Coach Anda Goseco, it’s all about the hows and whys of a leader. She shared her five strategies in building a high-performing team: 

  • Clarify your goals – be very clear on your goals and tie it up with purpose
  • Create team norms  – the behavior and the values you want your team to have
  • Look at the individual strengths of your team and their roles –  Last year during the pandemic, so many roles have been changed, people wanted career shifts. So it’s really a good time to have that conversation and ask yourself: 

“Are you happy with your role?” 

“Does it help you feel engaged?” If you do, how can you bring out your strengths more?

  •  Structure – “Is the structure of my team working like it was before?
  • Do regular conversations or check-ins with your team

Coach Anda added:

The last message that I want to give you, as a leader, to be able to be a people-manager and to create people-strategies that will support your team, to be able to think of ways on how to help them and that’s customized for each and every member of your team.”

Coach Chot emphasizes the value of having a one-on-one talk with the people you lead

Our third panelist is Coach Chot Reyes, the former Head Coach of Gilas Pilipinas, a Certified Agile Management & SCRUM Coach / Marshall Goldsmith Executive, and TEAM Coach who helps CEOs and leaders become FutureFit.

Coach Chot started with “Discipline is what you do when no one is watching.” He shared his personal experience witnessing the discipline of Lebron James and that everything should start from the leaders, effort, behavior, and the hard work. 

He also emphasized the importance of having a one-on-one talk with your people if you’re leading a team. Coach Chot recommends creating a Life Plan Review and ask yourself these six questions by John Maxwell:

  • Do you know where we are going as a team?
  • How about you, where are you going?
  • What do you think you’re doing well?
  • Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
  • How can I help?
  • What suggestions do you have for me to be a better leader? 

More Leadership Insights From Our Guest Experts:

Here are some of the questions asked and the insights from our guest experts: 

What would you do if you just inherited your team? How would you structure an existing team?

Coach Anda: If you inherited a team and you don’t know them, the first thing you need to do is sit with them and talk to them. I think it’s going to give you a clue if people are happy with where they are or they should be in another role.

How has the pandemic changed the way leaders drive the teams for different generations, from the baby boomers, to the Gen X, to the Millenials? 

Coach John: The people are always driving generations and sometimes that might be a mistake. If you lead great conversations and ask great questions, then you will find intersecting points of all the generations and that’s why I recommend cross-generation coaching or mentoring, which is a two-way street.

Any tips on how to connect with a teammate who doesn’t want to talk or have difficult conversations?

Coach Chot: My number one tip you really have to have that courage, desire to want to connect then you can find so many ways –give him a call, have a virtual coffee, talk about personal things, ask about their family.

Coach Anda: The first thing you have to do is to start connecting to what is important to them and take it from their point of view.

How did you figure out that you are already on the right path of your career?

Coach Chot: For me, it’s just very simple — passion and purpose. Some people prefer working for their passion, some for their purpose but the sweet spot really is when your passion and purpose overlaps.

Coach John: Once I discovered that I don’t have to give answers to people but instead help them find their own answers, that was my AHA! moment. I realized I can help people succeed by helping them find their own way to see things.

Coach Anda: I think it’s discovering what your patterns are, and when I help people find their purpose.

Does the phenomenon of people working more from home versus work from office also exist for some? What is the Filipino experience perception?

Coach Chot: I guess my answer there, number one – dependent on the industry, number two- do you have the structure and resources in place for that to happen? By resources, I don’t only mean physical but also personnel management and leadership skills.

What is the best way to bring suggestions to management, esp. if management style isn’t open to them?

Coach Anda: Maybe you can say it in some other ways. Maybe insert it in a meeting, or maybe tell them that you are noticing something. You have to customize the way you’re talking to the person that you’re talking to.

Coach John: Typically what you need to find out, as what Coach Anda has said, what is the language the leaders are using? Maybe the way you are trying to express your suggestion or feedback is perceived as advice.

Coach Chot: You’re going to say, “Management doesn’t want to listen.”  Well then this company might not be for you. “But coach, I need this job.” Then since you really need this, then you bear with it. But since you’re bearing with it, just give your best (“Tinitiis mo na rin lang, galingan mo na!”).

About LinkedIn Local – Philippines

LinkedIn Local – Philippines is a community-driven initiative that connects Filipinos with opportunities through learning, networking and collaboration. And it all starts from bringing together people behind their LinkedIn profiles.

The LinkedIn Local Philippines – 2nd Virtual Panel Discussion is hosted by Virginia Bautista, LinkedIn & Personal Branding Strategist, founder of VB Consulting and the founding host of LinkedIn Local Philippines.

The event was also joined by Mae Cuison as co-host, and KC Reyes as moderator. To learn more from our guest panelists, you may connect with them on LinkedIn: Coach Chot Reyes, Coach Anda Goseco and Coach John Todorovic

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