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Solving Problems Through Meaningful Innovation

Innovation should always be meaningful and ROI driven so that the decision-makers get trust on the digital marketers.

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The success of a marketing or advertising campaign relies on a proper strategy of the campaign by aligning the objective or marketing vision. Innovation should always be meaningful and ROI driven so that the decision-makers get trust on the digital marketers. Probably the answer to the question which marketing investment created the impact on business is digital marketing. Because through this marketing process of the tangible benefits are fairly visible.

Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. Every year, during the religious celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslims are required to pay a certain amount as a portion based on their assets, possessions, and income to poor – this is called Zakat. Even though Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country there is a limitation in mass religious knowledge. Every year during Ramadan the search of online Zakat calculator increases by a significant number. On the other hand, finding a reliable source of calculation formula is a challenge.

Compared to 2017 in the year 2018 Google search increased by 30% in Bangladesh. Every occasion, any event or in search of anything the first destination is Google. In a country of 166 million population of Bangladesh has got 94 million (BTRC Data) of internet users where more than 80% of the users use the internet from mobile. This only happened because of the evolution of the Telco industry which brought 4G internet in the country and made it available at a very cost-effective way for everyone’s use. Moreover, youth has the majority among the internet population, as 85% of the population is aged between 20 to 35. Internet always makes an important impact on marketing communications and ensures the ROI to the decision-maker.

Since the inception of the telecommunication industry, every player from the sector has been operating to solve the consumers’ problem in many ways. After the massive penetration of high-speed internet, the Telco business got into a new level. The global trend says it is the data business not voice or airtime business anymore.

In this process, all the brands in the industry always came up with an innovative idea whenever they found a problem to solve that. Same way during Ramadan and the holy occasion of Eid, Banglalink (BL) came up with an idea of online Zakat calculator which has been placed in the regular online banner advertisement.

With the help of rich media advertisements, Banglalink developed an interactive banner. And, to make it reliable and acceptable BL developed the banner in an association of the Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh (IFB) as IFB is the most trusted body in the country. Thus to make this process as painless as possible, BL designed the first-ever dynamic, real-time, interactive in-banner Zakat Calculator.

Zakat calculator placed in banner by targeting those people who are looking for the solution in the web. And also after the calculation, there was a scope to receive the result in users’ mobile phone through a text message so that the users don’t forget how much amount need to contribute. In the process, BL gets solid leads from the banners as there was scope to get phone number.

For Bangladeshis, the calculation of Zakat amount has always been a complex task and every year new Zakat donors add in the community. For the tech-savvy young generation of Bangladesh, an authentic, convenient and the digital solution were situation’s demand. 

The campaign had multiple impacts and future business scope for BL. From the leads, BL got the opportunity to re-target the audience and got the opportunity to position its relevant product or service like – IVR service offer to get Azan timing/alert and Quran Tarjuma to the right audience.

The campaign’s success was measured by its achievements. Two weeks duration campaign helped the brand to collect 3,000+ solid leads. In the case of analytics, the campaign CTR got 1.80%. Identifying the right demand and by offering a proper solution the brand brought good yield for the company.

Creating mutual value in communities makes a big difference for any brand, whether those communities be consumer or business communities. To stand out in a most crowded digital space meaningful innovation is a necessity. This helps any marketer to build a positive image and meaningful engagement which delivers better results.

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Digital marketing professional with over 8 years of experience in marketing, sells, PR and digital media. Currently working as a head of digital media at Starcom Bangladesh with past experience in The Daily Star, former head of PR and Social Media in Lamudi & Digital Marketing Strategist in Melonades. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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