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Not Patty But Sauce – Content Marketing Secret Recipe

That is the recipe of a content marketing delicacy.

Photo by Arabi Ishaque on Unsplash

Advertisers are on fishing while you’re chilling. People are being bombarded with ads at every stage of their leisure. Consumers of today, hate being considered “sold” for a product. 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of consumers prefer getting to know about a company from articles than ads. There leaves the opportunity to make advertising seamless. As the audiences evolved, advertisers got smarter. Gone are the days when zipping and zapping commercials on TV will discard all the redundant advertisements. Only when people expressed their frustration with 10-second mid-roll ad on Facebook in their less than 60-second video, advertisers now blend their products offering with the content itself like a sauce instead of placing it like a patty amid the content. Like an arrow to a target, content is tailored to buyer personas with relevant and valuable details. 

That is the recipe of a content marketing delicacy.

Be it podcasts, video content, animations or infographics, content marketing can be played in any form. By building trust and delivering value to these buyer personas, customers are attracted, converted, closed and delighted. People are lazy in life but alive on social media. Let alone the traffic, they are less likely to move afoot to hunt their list but can spend hours browsing the uncountable related contents online. For an advertiser, it is most wise to identify the set of actions across screens and touchpoints that contribute in some manner to let the consumer reach the desired stage. 

Be it food, attire or luxury, advertiser can create relevant content in every stage of decision-making process; for example, if you are trying to advertise your new steak joint, you can perhaps create content online like food review blogger videos, quick recipe videos or if you’re selling financial products, go for 1 min financial literacy/saving hacks, happy client storytelling, self-explanatory info-graphics on retail consumer trends or a simple interactive projection calculator. Disregard of the love-hate relationship, audiences are eyeing on the everyday stories shared by the influencers. Hence, these social media content creators are rooting for the rise of content marketing. 

Collaboration being innovation, call of the hour is to ride on influencers or make solid relevant contents. At the end of the day, if the sauce on the burger tastes good, they will have it anyway vice-versa.

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Mahzabin Ferdous
Written By

Mahzabin is the Head of Brand & Corporate Communication at IPDC Finance Limited, the first private sector financial institution in Bangladesh established in 1981. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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