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How To Learn Digital Marketing For Free

You may ask, where you should start then. Or how much these courses are going to cost you.

Learning digital marketing is tough, but not impossible. If you’re in the early stage of your digital marketing career, welcome to the club. Why did I say it’s tough? Well, the industry is constantly changing and since it is so freaking dynamic, it’s hard to gain a fixed knowledge of what’s really working and what’s not going to work anymore from a static long-haul course in a university or college.

But, here’s a piece of good news. Nowadays, a lot of colleges and universities especially here in Bangladesh started to offer different levels of short and powerful courses on digital marketing which are helping a lot of people. It is so affordable, even some freelancers are beginning to join in.

You may ask, where you should start then. Or how much these courses are going to cost you.

My answer is this. There are free courses that you can hunt online. Sure, you are welcome.

While you can easily find some of them online offered by Facebook and Google, you can also explore these 4 platforms where you can learn digital marketing for FREE. You heard me right, it’s for free.

Edx. First, you need to visit edx.org. It is an amazing learning platform. Not only for digital marketing but you can also learn other things such as HR, Marketing, Communication and so on from this site. Edx offers a few digital marketing and social media marketing course. Duration of these courses is up to 12 months. The best part of taking courses and learning in Edx is all the courses are offered by some biggest universities in the world. The University of Boston, Curtin University and Wharton University are among them. So guys, now you know where to go.

Google Digital Garage. If you are starting from zero, this is the best course that you can embark on initially. It will give you a basic idea about digital marketing and some other cool stuff including metrics of digital advertisement. Other best part of this course is you will get multiple certificates by completing different levels of course and it is authorised by Google. Hence, from my personal point of view, this is one of the best courses you can have right now for a starter in an online platform.

Google Academy for Ads. We all are familiar with Google Ads and we heard about Google AdWords all the time everywhere. Well, AdWords is actually an ad platform owned by Google. Now here’s the best part. Google eventually created an academy to teach you all about AdWords basic and how can you run search ad, display ad, analytics, and YouTube by doing a few courses from here. So, if you would like to be a PPC or SEM Strategist then it is super awesome for you.

Facebook Blueprint. This is something similar to Google Academy but a Facebook version of it. Facebook and Instagram both have their own ads platforms and no doubt Facebook Blueprint is one of the most popular eLearning ads platforms around. Facebook Blueprint no doubt provides some useful courses for those who are willing to learn. You will find courses about ads, analytics and a few other things which are directly and indirectly related to Facebook ads operation.

Honestly, these four are not the only options that you can have. There are few other options available like HubSpot Academy. Udemy is also very popular for its digital marketing online courses as well. Apart from doing any course I strongly recommend to follow some blogs if you are serious about your digital marketing career journey. They share mostly about trends, ideas, changes, and updates about the digital marketing industry. Personally, I follow – Hootsuite blog, AdEspresso blog, Jon Loomer blog and Marketing In Asia magazine.

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Nowrid is a digital maketing strategist, a thought-leader and a speaker, who understands the entire spectrum of digital marketing. Follow him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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