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Social Media Marketing: Tips & Strategies To Gain New Customers

Consider these social media marketing tips to amplify your strategy

Certainly, there are many ways to attract quality traffic! Which one according to you is the best one?

If you ask us- then, there is no other way than social media!

It is estimated that approximately there are 3 billion users on social media. And, social media marketing is one of the vital channels for all businesses to secure more and more customers; which ultimately results in more sales and profitable results. 

Much social media advice verbalises like – start the social media account, make the schedule of the social posts on time, show your regular presence and this way, you can have new customers. 

Quite simple, right?

Reading it and implementing it are two different things. Believe us- it is not as easy as it sounds.   In the Salon industry, there are many other projects that need your attention. 

How social media is influential?

The right and accurate way to have an engaged and active following on social media is to centralize the attention on those whom you already know. 

By sharing the content which is of the audience interest and by sparing time to communicate and revert to the response,  you can surely improve your customer volume and develop powerful relations with them. 

However, when it is about finding new customers on social media, then there are some steps or ways you need to follow.  This process will help you to reach the potential and appropriate customers in the business. 

So, if you have ideas of using social media platforms the right way, then adopting salon marketing is the best way to follow. 

How to capture new customers with social media marketing

Find out the target audience

By knowing who your target audience is, you have crossed the first step. Some important questions are there that you need to consider while securing ideal customers for your Salon, check them out below:

  • Understand the issues or the problems the services or products can solve. 
  • Which language is used by the customers to know the problem?
  • How do you find out the best ways to attract customers?

You can also leverage some leading tools to discover the conversions on social media which surely include the keywords, such as, small business help, SMB tips, social media, etc.

After knowing those who are using such keywords, you can seamlessly find out what social media networks the customers are considering. From here, you can also find out the content type the customer needs and the right frequency and time to publish it. All these things make it more efficient to capture customers from social media. 

Create social media content correctly

All the Salon contents you post on social media must be drafted carefully. If your intention is just to post, then, it is of no use.

According to the social network you are publishing, there is a need to determine the aims of every network. For you, we have curated some examples, find them out below:

  • Facebook. We all are on Facebook. It is by far the best medium to post the entertainment/services/news-related content. Hence, here, our concern lies in the Salon industry, then, it is the best. The Facebook groups are outstanding ways to get connected to the target audience.
  • LinkedIn. It is the professional channel which is an ideal choice for B2B customers. LinkedIn has a LinkedIn Pulse, which is a distribution and content publishing platform.  
  • Pinterest. This social media channel is best for publishing visual content. Even though it is restricted to the static images. You can post the images of the customer services; before and after images are more tempting. Carrying out it this way, you can surely get an immeasurable amount of traffic to the blog. 
  • Instagram. Same as Pinterest, the Instagram works- it is also more visual. The videos and static images work wonders. However, here, only short videos can be posted. 

Use offers to boost the social media strategy

Using different offers or introducing discounts or running contests is also one of the ways you can use. Assuredly, it can improve online visibility, the engagement rate and a number of followers. 

The internet has given us several tools to create exceptional giveaways or sparkling offers. The main thing to keep in mind while offerings are to consider the products or services that hold value.  

  • Find out below how you can provide the offers or discounts on social media:
  • Know your aims or objectives (Do you need more Instagram followers or more Facebook likes?)
  • Figure out on which social media channel you want to put the Salon offers or carry out the contests.
  • Show the hurry or put the deadline on what the contest or offers will end and at what time, the winner can get the prize. 
  • Use all social media marketing tricks to promote your salon on social media
  • To experience the best outcome, make it probable for the audience to hold some workload.
  • Set the offers, contents, or discounts so that they can engage more and more and share the same. 
  • Use “Share on Facebook”, “Like my Facebook page”, “Pin on Pinterest”, etc. Or, a unique link can also be provided to share additional entries. 

Craft awe-inspiring images

Of course, creating outstanding images for your Salon social media account must be prioritized. It does not demand you to be a graphic designer for designing fabulous images to impress the customers. 

The next option here is outsourcing. Several Salon owners and general bloggers do this. Indeed, it is worth spending!!

You can make graphics for:

  • Salon photos for every social media platform
  • Infographics
  • The pictures of the opt-in freebies 
  • Twitter and Facebook Salon posts
  • Instagram pictures
  • Pinterest graphics

The dimensions of every measure can vary on time. Hence, it is better to carry out research while building these to know the accurate size of the Salon images.

Each business graphics and images can vary, however, you can convert them as eye-catching and cohesive. 

Use video content in the social media strategy

Videos speak more than the images, particularly when it is about social media marketing. Those who are not considering it, just jump to it now to get beneficial results. 

Several ways are there to use the Salon video content in the social media strategy. These days, the live video content is taking hype. 

As a Salon owner, you show your work (bridal makeup, your Salon best services, etc.) being live to the audience. With Facebook live videos, you can get connected with the right customers in the best way. It is not possible in different content formats. The best part- these live videos can be repurposed. 

The uses get more engaged when their questions get answered. Therefore, you can show them that you are not here as a brand only, besides you prefer to communicate with them even after the video. As per Facebook, you can check that there are 6 times more engagement and interaction in the live video.

Besides, the combination of the daily recorded and live videos is the best. Sooner, you will experience many flocking around your Salon social media account. 

Grow Communities with engaging hashtags

Not all will nod to the statement that Hashtags work well and are alive on social media. Nevertheless, it is a more productive way of enabling the audience to get the right content. The hashtags are also helpful in building and fostering the communities of Salon brands and potential customers.

What best about this technique is its biggest strength to be seamless in implementation. However, it is a fact that similar hashtags are used by several Salon all around the world on the social media platform. It permits you to blend the messaging on different social campaigns and provides users with the adhesive experience despite the platform they are using to interact.

Consider an appropriate Call To Action

We hope that your every single effort of securing and connecting with the ideal customers on your Salon’s social media account will get the result by means of followers and fans. 

As you have new customers to get engaged and it is prevalent to use the powerful Call to Action to assist move interactions ahead social media.

The post that offers a CTA can get more engagement from the potential customers. Always remember that the Call to Action is not related to the service or product directly. Usually, users use social media to get more relevant information and to get entertained or to communicate with businesses or friends.

The content related to your Salon can get more leads by adding the service links on the Facebook page. This will redirect the customers to your landing page or service page for appointment bookings. The landing page is considered as the destination to where you want your Salon customers to be. 

It is said that around half of the Salon related content needs to be focussed on getting more engagement and the rest of the 20% has to be Salon promotion-oriented. 

Concluding Remarks

No one can ignore the benefits the social media marketing is giving the Salon industry even if it is hard to implement.  

Those who are not taking it seriously will miss the essential leads, sales, customers and of course, the online visibility. Consider these social media marketing tips to amplify your Salon strategy. 

Do not forget that social networks are created for connecting with more and more.  But, if you are not making the audience as your priority, then, you can have results, for sure!

We hope that you liked this article. If you have some queries or suggestions then, let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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Julia Ching is associated with Salonist, a Ideal salon software for all types of beauty wellness industries. She assists business owners on how to grow their business through fully featured software. Add her on Facebook.

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