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Digital Marketing Revolution: The Rise of Bangladesh

Digital marketing has now become a phenomenon in Bangladesh.

Like many markets in the world, digital marketing in Bangladesh is growing exponentially. Since 2015 we’ve gone from making small changes to understanding its true potential. Back in 2015 most of the cases regarding digital marketing was a mystery to everyone, and the agencies were struggling to understand the dos and don’ts.  Marketers were also confused about allocating budget for digital. In most cases it was just a luxury that could only be bought by big companies like Telco’s or giant MNCs.

In 2019 the marketing decision makers or business leaders discovered the true potential of digital marketing and put it seriously in their marketing budget. Through the introduction of rideshare companies, e-commerce movement and a huge demand of entertainment contents, digital marketing has now become a phenomenon in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi market is facing new challenges every day for digital marketing since the audience is completely new. In order to achieve the business objective agencies are adopting new trends and technologies. Due to exposure to the global market through social media most audience now have basic knowledge as a result there is an increase in demand on digital platforms.

From daily banking to running a business all is at accessible easily. Decisions are made on Whatsapp groups and executions happens instantly. If anyone fails to meet the demand or expectations next option gets ready just in time.

With a 48% internet penetration in 2018 Bangladesh is facing digital revolution in 2019. Country’s new democracy Facebook with a 30M users and YouTube with 20M users enabling everyone’s potentiality, creativity and creating positive social changes. Job search, Online shopping, Sports updates, Movies & Restaurants reviews, Banking etc. are the major activities on this platform. Global ventures like – Uber, AliBaba, Rocket Internet and popular local players Pathao, Pickaboo, Chaldal, Shawpno are the movers and shakers of the industry. Telecommunication companies are influencing in building the digital infrastructure as well.

Companies are getting direct tangible benefits from digital marketing. It is enabling the oddest and not so attractive industry in Bangladesh like – insurance. Green Delta Insurance Ltd. a major player in insurance industry are having great impact on their sales. After launching its digital facilities, with the help of digital marketing they have achieved 400% increase in sells in three months duration. This is a huge revenue for companies like Green Delta Insurance ltd.

In 2015 digital marketers were struggling to make business leaders understand the definition of CPM, now in 2019 digital marketers are empowering business leaders to achieve their business goals. Everyday digital marketing is enabling millions of individuals with education, making money from their own creativity, save lives and ultimately creating positive impact on society. The best part is business leaders and consumers are realizing the blessings of digital marketing in Bangladesh, the penetration is also very high compared to many markets in the globe.  Investment in digital marketing is increasing and the digital ecosystem of the country is in a growth phase.

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Digital marketing professional with over 8 years of experience in marketing, sells, PR and digital media. Currently working as a head of digital media at Starcom Bangladesh with past experience in The Daily Star, former head of PR and Social Media in Lamudi & Digital Marketing Strategist in Melonades. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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