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Get To Know Ken Neoh, CEO Of Infinite Loop Media

Branding is truly important in order to make a deeper and long-lasting impression.

What’s up Ken? Do share with us a little bit about yourself, Infinite Loop Media and your role in the company.

I am the Founder and as well the CEO of Infinite Loop Media. Prior to this, I was working as Manager for one of the largest Contract Manufacturer in the world, Foxconn and before that, I was an Engineer specializing in Electronic Manufacturing for more than 10 years in China.

My previous jobs required me to travel extensively and thus, I brought along my camera along during the trip to capture and record the places that I have visited. Along the way, I shared many of these photos and videos online through online photography and creative platforms and managed to gather large followings and fans.

Eventually, when I returned back to my home country for my family, I have decided to turn this interest and passion into a business by establishing Infinite Loop Media. We started off with filming corporate event and showcase, as our team size grew from one headcount to 15 headcounts, we have capabilities to produce videos with high complexity.

Our specialization is in designing and producing Corporate Video, Company Profile Videos, Commercial and Infomercial Videos.

Can you name the awards you guys won since the company’s inception?

We have started to participate in many local and international based creative award recognition and competition since our inception year, and it is pretty proud to say that throughout each year, we won numerous awards that are high prestige in the video and creative industry including the most recent Golden Bull’s Outstanding SME of Malaysia that we won several months ago for organizational excellence . Here they are :

  1. 2018 – Outstanding SME of Malaysia, Golden Bull Award
  2. 2018 – Production Agency of the Year, Malaysia. (Advertising + Marketing)
  3. 2017 – Production Agency of the Year, Malaysia. (Advertising + Marketing)
  4. 2016 – Best Multimedia Production Company in Malaysia, TMT London
  5. 2015 – Top 10 Finalist of Digital Champion Awards 2015 from Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)
  6. 2015 – Uber Malaysia Short Film Competition – 2nd Prize (First Runner-Up)
  7. 2015 – “My Singapore Story” Micro-Film Competition – Oversea Finalist
  8. 2014 – Special Recognition from Multimedia Development Corporation of Malaysia (MDeC)

How do you see the video industry here in Malaysia?

The video industry in Malaysia is still in its early infancy phase, with all the big brand name already grasping hold of this video medium very well. The most significant example would be to look at the festive videos released by these big brand names during Malaysia’s major festival period. Like the most recent 2019 Chinese New Year period, we have counted and there are more than 20 videos on TV and online produced and these are exceptionally good production. The next wave that we will see will be the adoption of this video medium for advertising and branding by small and medium scale industry, as the cost of producing good quality video has gone down due to the fact of advancement of technology, it’s affordable and able to generate high impact and exposures compared to other conventional media. The next important fact is that screen devices are everywhere and this is where the video medium can attract eyeball attention very well. The penetration of high-speed internet in Malaysia from urban to the rural area also is a good supporting factor to enable these audiences to watch video comfortably with almost no lagging or delay. Therefore, the video industry in Malaysia is definitely a growing industry with a lot of rooms for everyone and the most beneficial one will be the businesses that adopt this well.

Is our video production quality at par with the international scene?

Malaysia is not short of talent as there are already many good movies and videos being produced locally, especially in recent years. Some of the international box office movies were actually produced by our Malaysian Film Directors. Several of our Malaysian productions also have been looped in to produce significant special effects in multiple Hollywood movies and this is a testimonial of our talent strength and creativity. However, we need to understand other than the aesthetic and visual quality, what matters the most is whether the video is able to deliver the intended message to the targeted audience. In our local context, our Malaysian audience generally still love comedic and heartwarming content and this is the area that we can all see that there are indeed a lot of good quality productions being produced that truly made a significant impact and deep impression to our Malaysian audience.

Do you think everybody should do video as part of their content strategy?

A video is a communication medium that combines visual and audio, and we can understand that this combination is the most effective medium in delivering a message and creating an impact on the audience emotion, and most importantly we need to understand it’s the emotion that will trigger actions be it at consumer level or business organization level.


In the modern era, hard selling is definitely a no-no, as it will definitely shut off the audience mind, thus engagement is the key. A good video with good content will be something that can inspire and provide new knowledge to the audience or at least be able to entertain them and tell them a story. Story sells! A human brain is wired for stories and any businesses that know how to combine a good story with video medium will definitely win the game.

In what way do you see Infinite Loop Media can disrupt the industry norm?

Infinite Loop Media has all the while been focusing and specializing in business showcases and profiles and we understood that this is an industry that has been existed for more than 20 years and only been used by top listed companies and Multinational Companies in the world. The reason is that it used to be complex and required a lot of resources and thus incur a high cost. However, with the advancement of powerful software and hardware technology, the production complexities can be reduced tremendously and this is an area where Infinite Loop Media invested to ensure we can truly help the client to produce an impactful video. We have integrated quite a lot of new technologies like 3D mapping and Virtual Reality to help our client to produce engaging content for their targeted audience. We also believe in bringing experiential video viewing like AR and VR to the market which will result in deeper impressions to the audience.

How do the customers know about you?

Many of our customers come from word-of-mouth referrals by customers and business associates that have experienced our production and the impact from the videos that we produced for their business, and these words get spread and as a result, we are serving more than 200 businesses including top listed companies in Malaysia and International big brand names. Besides that, we also put up our own produced content locally in various platforms and these resulted in new exposures and engagement with our new potential clients and from there they contacted us and deal with us.

Let’s talk about marketing a little bit. How does ILM play it to spread the story about your brand?

We perceive branding as a way how the market look at us and our branding has all the while being professional and dedicated in the projects that we undertake. We walk the talk and truly value our commitment to each of the client, and this speaks for itself for our branding in term of ability to produce good professional quality production for our client. At the same time, we also believe in giving back to society and thus we supported various local and international charity bodies and we didn’t realize that this is one of the factors of how our client value us as a company that is not all about profit, but also about contributing to the betterment of the society. This, in turn, helped and supported our branding image very well. We also produce our own local infotainment (information+entertainment) content from time to time relevant to this industry to provide more information and knowledge to our client.

Why branding?

We totally believe that branding is truly important in order to make a deeper and long-lasting impression. This is the angle how we impact our audience and turning them as potential prospect, by indirectly persuade them diving into the video watching process. And we do this through the knowledge and information that we shared within our branding strategy that they see and understand from it.

Anything you wish to share with the readers?

We encourage every business to embrace video as a medium and tool to connect and engage with potential customers and be very sincere and truthful in conveying the message clearly. It is best to tell a good compelling story in the video rather than a too flashy and too special effects driven, and this will enable the businesses to make an emotional connection with their audience.

The best way to contact you?

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and follow our Infinite Loop Media’s Facebook Page too.

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