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Azleen Abdul Rahim

The Power Of Curiosity, Reading and Observation. Priceless.

Obviously I need books and they truly played a major part of my personal development, still are and will always be one.

Iwas born on October 3, 1973 and that makes me a Libra. Being a Libra, taking care of other people’s feeling is extremely important to me. It is the most obvious traits of this zodiac among all.

The other key element is that Libra doesn’t like to argue much either. Despite disagreeing to what has been said (if ones were to encounter one), a Libra would prefer to lose in arguments than losing a relationship. These two are major traits for a Libra. Due to these two big elements, don’t be surprised if you find that almost all Libra guys are one hopeless romantic animal. Just in case, you may want to double check what I am saying here via Google and verify it using some other references. You will find that I am absolutely right about this. And yes, I am a romantic guy too. There are so many other Libra traits and other zodiacs as well that I managed to gather and took notes of it just for my personal knowledge. I read more than 11 books about human characteristics, behaviours, horoscopes and astrology alone back then during my early university days. And hey, I learned a lot from these books.

I was overwhelmingly interested on these topics as I know this would help me a lot in the future. Towards the end of my 1st year study in the university, I was also beginning to notice about the importance of money. I still remember at that time, the interest suddenly sparked when I came across an article about a book called The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason in the library. The next day, I quickly hunt for that book, rented one and read it.

By that night itself, I was done reading it. It was a very interesting stuff. Out of a sudden, there was an urge to understand more about money. I want to understand more on its role to our daily life, the personal finance part of it, the investing part of it, the commercialisation part of it, the entrepreneurship part of it and how these could help me with my future. Absolutely, I was very naive back then. From that point, the topic of interest has change from horoscope and human characteristics, to money-related stuffs. A few days later, I took my bike and headed to the nearest town, to one of the largest book store there and bought a few books. One of the book is called The Millionaire Next Door.

In merely a few years, I learned a lot on personality behaviour, people characteristics, money, entrepreneurship, selling and marketing. I love them all and read them all as and when my path crosses with book stores. Obviously I need books and they truly played a major part of my personal development, still are and will always be one. Being an entrepreneur, I dedicated all my failures and achievements to all my loved ones and the knowledge from all these books.

Of late if you notice, the world has changed. A lot, especially for the past 5 years. We are living in the most interesting part of the world history. Whilst books keep me abreast of these changes, it seems not complete and something is missing from the entire ecosystem. I reckoned those books only teach me the theories, examples, best practices, opinions and case studies from the perspective of the western countries. But I need more input on how those theory applies locally. There are a few great local books available for consumptions but I don’t think the local content is yet to mature. So what I did was, I started to study the current scenarios through observations. I observe people, how they behave online and offline as well as their surroundings. Another good thing about being a Libra is that, I’m able to see something unnoticeable so clearly.

You see, I love to expand my network of trusts and make new friends. For me new friends will lead me to a new ideas, new insights and new perspectives. In some cases, it will lead me to a new business deal too if it happens of course.

As a free-spirit marketer, marketing strategist and entrepreneur, I meet new people almost everyday. I love to say hello to strangers and become friends. For me to start conversations with strangers is a piece of cake. Easy. By just asking a few short questions or perhaps ice breaking it with a simple sentence, the engagement will be sparked. Then I would be able to observe and listen to the person’s answers. From the main answers, he or she will then offer a few other subsets of answers too sometimes without being asked. This scenario enables me to also observe what the person was saying, how the person said it, the words chosen, body language and a few others details. By reading the situation, I would know whether the person is friendly or not. I would be able to sense whether the person is ready to be engaged or not.

I believe friendships must not come with a purpose. It should come naturally and sincerely from each other’s heart. If there is a potential business from the friendship then so be it. If the friendship doesn’t come with any of it, then it doesn’t matter to me. It’s like finding a reason to play golf. If you want to play golf just to gain good contacts and big projects, I can say that you won’t find any significant ones. However, if you want to play golf for the sake of it and just want to have fun, then the projects you are searching for will find you. That is what I believe in and noticed.

You see, along the way I learned to master a habit of think first before talk. And at the same time, apply some manners of shutting up my mouth when other people are talking. Start talking when the other person finished talking. Besides not seeing as a rude person, I can read people better and more accurately. I can even read the situation better and thus making my decision making process easier. Some people are very good in manners, but some just don’t quite there yet.

By the way, which zodiac is yours?

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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a social media management company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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