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Brands In India Pairs OOH & Mobile To Drive Brand Recall

Having digital (mobile ads) incorporated into a physical asset (OOH Media) yields many benefits for an advertiser

Brands like Dhani Doctor, GO Sport, Senco Gold & Diamonds, Shanmuga Hospital and many more in India are driving brand awareness and recall by combining Out-of-Home (OOH) and mobile to drive engagement, relevancy, create enforcement, and extend the reach of their campaigns. The mobile-OOH environment has revolutionised the way outdoor advertisers can engage with their audiences. 

In the era of fast-paced technological advancement, data usage has accelerated at lighting speed. Data can now be found in just about every device. When analysed and applied successfully, it creates a huge impact on advertiser’s campaigns as mobiles are a huge part of audiences lives and will influence their purchasing behaviour. 

Brand Equity has stated in their previous article ‘Mobile advertising in India has been making a major impact on consumers buying behaviours. 70% of mobile phone users agree that they were influenced after seeing a video or text ad, according to a survey by MoMAGIC’

Having digital (mobile ads) incorporated into a physical asset (OOH Media) yields many benefits for an advertiser. Brands can ensure a consistent message which has higher resonance and witness an increase in brand interactions, online searches, accessing new audiences and many more by adapting hyperlocal targeting strategies.

Let’s take a look at some of these campaigns which used mobile to increase campaign effectiveness and drive brand recall:

Developing Offline-Online Synergy For Higher Mobile Click-Through-Rate

Dr Dhani, an Indian healthcare app, aimed to enhance offline-online synergy for their campaign to increase traffic and purchases. The company developed a technological base that gathered customers’ data to maximise the optimisation of mobile with their OOH campaigns. 

The ads were synchronously played on mobile for audiences who came within proximity of the OOH sites. The audiences who were first primed by OOH, were later retargeted via mobile when they were elsewhere, increasing the frequency of ad exposure. Moving Walls used location intelligence to build a profile of audiences around the sites and retargeted these unexposed audiences with the opportunity to consume the ads. 

OOH’s physical mass reaching capabilities combined with online’s one-to-one targeting makes offline and online synergies imperative.  IAB has also reported that Mobile click-through rates increase by up to 15% when supported by OOH. The campaign reportedly activated higher online engagement; mobile app download, website traffics and purchase intent by retargeting the primed and exposed audiences.

Maximising Store-footfalls by Targeting Audiences Within Close Proximity

A well-known sports superstore, GO Sport, wanted to retarget sports enthusiasts and young adults through mobile extension, reaching audiences who were seen within close proximity to their physical retail stores. The ad messages were pushed to mobile devices of the exposed audiences when their Bluetooth’s were activated. GO Sport was able to monitor the campaign hourly impressions, clicks, and Click-Through Rates (CTR) by adopting Moving Walls Live dashboard – an ad-tech platform that optimises outdoor spends and helps brands reach ‘Moving’ Audiences. 

The campaign was able to reach a higher number of relevant audiences when they were in the right frame of mind to shop for the sports merchandise.

OOH Priming Ability Maximises Social Activation

Senco Gold & Diamonds wanted to influence audiences on the move to take brand-related online actions by amplifying brand recall via mobile. The campaign aligned mobile and OOH integration to reach a higher number of target audiences and delivered mobile ads when the exposure was still ‘fresh’ on the audience’s mind. 

Similar to Dr Dhani, the campaign retargeted audiences in the vicinity of the OOH ads, as well audiences based on profile IDs, the campaign successfully increased brand saliency via direct messaging, improving the overall brand influence. Research from Outsmart states that OOH campaigns create a 38% uplift in short-term brand action taken via mobiles, with 66% of all actions being direct to the brand itself.

Increase Mobile-in App Retargeting for Higher Conversion Rate

Shanmuga Hospital, a leading hospital chain in Tamil Nadu desired to increase brand awareness among the city locations and neighbouring residences as well as establish a strong customer-brand relationship through an optimised mobile retargeting strategy.  While targeting users who visited their hospitals in the past 90 days, mobile ads promoting on-call/online doctor consultations were displayed on devices of exposed customers. 

Retargeting consumers at the right time had allowed the hospital to increase audience reach while reaching them with relevant brand messages. This strategy of retargeting the primed audiences were able to influence purchase-conscious consumers for a higher conversion rate. 

The campaigns demonstrate how mobile is opening up enormous campaign possibilities resulting in increased relevance and consumer impact.

Ashutosh Sharma, who drives the Demand side business of Moving Walls India comments “Mobile is a powerful tool, and it makes sense to embrace the platform. Since the focus has shifted to digital due the outbreak of Covid-19, Moving Walls mobile solution has helped brands to reach consumers on their mobile through in-app advertising. The Higher CTRs coupled with targeted app bundle has helped brands to reap benefits of an omnichannel experience resulting in a campaign with strong connected awareness.”

Access here for more case studies on effective data driven OOH executions.

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Moving Walls is a media technology group with a presence across four continents and seven markets. The Company operates Moving Audiences, a patented multi-sensor approach to location-based media measurement. Location Media Xchange (LMX) is a subsidiary of the Moving Walls Group.

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