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How Can Digital Marketing Boost The Success Of Logistics Companies In Southeast Asia?

Here’s how it can help you deliver speedier, more effective, and personalized services

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Enterprises in Southeast Asia are increasingly prioritizing digital strategies, with around 65% of those surveyed giving the highest importance to real time marketing and 52% relying on omnichannel (i.e. both online and offline) delivery and engagement. Other important priorities include customer journey mapping, artificial intelligence, and customer data platforms, all of which are digital technologies. Although digital marketing is key in all sectors, it is particularly strong in logistics, with Supply Chain Asia classifying e-commerce as one of the strongest trends in the industry this year. If your company specializes in logistics, how can digital marketing help you deliver speedier, more effective, and personalized services?

Digital Marketing And Personalization

AI technology can be used to analyze data and match services to a client’s specific needs. If your company has already embraced AI and cookies to track customers’ habits, preferences and new demands, then informing them of this fact can both attract new business and foster customer loyalty. This can be achieved through your website and social media channels. It can also be used organically so that when customers do log onto your page, they are shown messages that align with the services and products they are most interested in. Thus, someone who is interested in the careers section of your site can be pointed to current vacancies, while a customer who may have booked warehousing services can be pointed to interesting offers within this area.

Mobile Applications In The Logistics And Supply Chain Sector

Roles in the logistics sector have changed significantly, since logisticians in this day and age need to be aware of the latest tech tools for resource management. From supply chain managers to operation managers and marketing directors, staff must have key tech skills – including the ability to use AI technology to analyze data, to optimize websites and social media pages, and to seek out and implement new apps that boost customer loyalty. In terms of marketing, for instance, professionals must be savvy in everything from facilitating bookings for clients to enabling them to check the status of their delivery. Just a few new apps being adopted by savvy companies include BooksyBiz (for appointment booking), Nimble (for better customer relationship management), and ServiceMax (which integrates a host of features, including social media customer monitoring).

Boosting Your Search Rankings

Online sessions begin with searches using keywords 93% of the time, reports Get Credo, with 51% of all worldwide users clicking on organic results instead of paid searches. The Asia-Pacific Contract logistics market alone is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% from the 2018-2025 period, indicating that your company will undoubtedly be facing tough competition from existing as well as new players in the field. Your marketing team therefore needs to possess skills in areas like targeted keyword optimization, the creation of high quality content, and the use of social media to boost rankings and reach new audiences. 

Digital marketing is key in all markets, including that of logistics, where aspects such as SEO, the use of key apps, and AI/cookies are key to everything from speed of service to personalization. Logistics companies may therefore need to rethink their marketing strategy, incorporating members into their team who are well versed with social media, website optimization, SEO, and the like. The logistics industry will be growing steadily over the next decade, indicating the need for smart marketing solutions that adopt a blend of on and offline strategies and tactics.

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1 Comment

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