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Tell Me I Can’t Do It

When have you ever been able to tap into this seed of greatness and how did it change you?

These are my “go-to” words when it comes to upping my game. Whether in life, sports, work or for personal development, my competitive nature kicks in when I hear these or similar words – my blood begins to boil, then I see red and all I can think about is winning.

This is how I grew up and it has given me the push to survive, succeed and excel in many things in life. It is a fuel that also comes from doubters, haters or even nice people that just don’t want to be left behind. This ability to kick into the next gear or tap into your seed of greatness can be a valuable asset for any individual.

It can result in an unrelenting commitment to the pursuit of excellence capable of redefining your life as you know it.

So, when have you ever been able to tap into this seed of greatness and how did it change you? If you have never tried to tap into it- what are you waiting for? Is fear stopping you?

It’s ok to be scared because it’s absolutely impossible to be courageous in the absence of fear. But it would be an absolute shame to go through life never knowing what greatness actually existed within you.

Know that Boss A believes in you.

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Old-School "UNFLUENCER", Apollo brings over 30 years of invaluable sales and operations experience. This Filipino-Canadian has global experience in six countries including finance, music & entertainment, sports, IT, and digital marketing. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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