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We Aim To Be The Best Role Models For Our Kids

The Truth is, We Need Them to Help Us Get There

“If you had a time machine, what advice would you have given yourself before becoming a Parent?” That said, I like to start my Parenting workshops by asking this question. Some great replies:

“Don’t do it, it’s a trap!”
“Get some sleep now, you won’t have a good night’s sleep for years!”

This one used to be my favorite one:

“Be the best version of yourself first, because like it or not, you are a role model now.”

Well, as our favourite Dr Eric Siew discovered – that’s impossible and unnecessarily stressful. Eric, like many of us, learnt to become a better person BECAUSE of his kids. They teach us as much as we teach them.

So, slow down and enjoy the journey. Take as many pictures of your kids as you can. Let’s not get obsessed with child development and miss the great moments along the way.

What’s my new favourite answer? Well… I don’t know yet, and my kids are the culprit. I’ll tell you when I become the best version of myself 🙂 Find out more about Eric’s extraordinary journey here. He is an award-winning designer of eye-catching WordPress websites and helps to grow businesses creatively.

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Teacher Kean is a HRDF-accredited parenting and teacher's trainer. He helps hundreds of parents and teachers bring up happier, healthier and successful children via classes and coaching. He is also a licensed Headmaster who love to create parenting videos and comics. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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