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6 Tips In Digital Marketing For The Post-COVID World

This post explores some digital marketing to help you prepare for a post-COVID world

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The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused devastation across all sectors of the trade and tourism-dependent Singapore economy. Reports show the economy contracted 41.2% quarterly in April-June. Amid this disruption, the pandemic has also provided invaluable lessons.

Top among these lessons is the need for highly adaptable digital marketing strategies that can survive in flux. The uncertainty presented by this situation offers an opportunity to rethink your company’s digital marketing strategy. You have to start preparing for a post-COVID world that is significantly different from what you had in your marketing plans.

This post explores some digital marketing to help you prepare for a post-COVID world.

Appreciate the Changes in a Post-COVID World

When the world hunkered down due to the spreading devastation of Covid-19, it became necessary for both businesses and consumers to turn to the digital ecosystem for solutions. More people started shopping online, and businesses had to up their digital marketing efforts.

There will also be a sustained increase in search terms around health, remote working and living, social distance behaviours, wellness, and stress. In this fluid marketing environment, review your original business goals and determine if they’re still valid and meaningful.

You might have to add some new business goals to boost business recovery. These new goals should align with the reality of your situation.

Prepare for Changing Content Trends

With the internet now taking centre stage in consumers’ lives, there’s higher engagement with content. People are reading blogs, watching videos and engaging more with content to get the solutions they need.

The kind of content consumed has also changed as more people listen to audiobooks, podcasts, videos and download gaming apps. You should revise your content mix and leverage more video, webinars, animations, and interactive tutorials as part of your overall content mix.

Review and Update Your Buyer Personas

Who’s your customer post-COVID? Most businesses assume their customer profiles have not changed. Such assumptions could lead to disappointing results in their digital marketing campaigns.

Your buyer personas who previously influenced your business have most likely changed. Their problems, concerns, income levels, interests, and feelings have changed with the pandemic and its consequences. From stay-at-home protocols, job losses to social distancing, there’s so much that could have affected your potential leads.

Talk to your team and gather feedback on the realities on the ground. You have multiple content points to gather data about your customers. From this data and real conversations, review and update your buyer personas to improve your digital marketing campaign’s efficiency.

Recharge your Social Media Strategy

During the lockdown in Singapore, most people resorted to social media networks for information, updates and even shopping. Social media has emerged stronger than ever during this pandemic.

All the social media networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube, among others have witnessed phenomenal growth during the pandemic.

It’s time to harness a rejuvenated social media landscape to reach a wider audience as a brand. Working with a digital marketing agency is a smart strategy to help unlock your company’s marketing potential on these platforms.

A good marketing agency reviews your marketing needs, helps identify the best social media platform, design and customises your social media marketing strategy for the best results.

Enhance your Data Strategy

If you have always viewed data collection and analysis as another tedious operational task, it’s time to change your attitude. Data will become even more critical in the post-COVID world.

As the digital business landscape becomes more critical, you need data for all your marketing operations.  Data will become a multi-purpose tool for B2B business growth.

From market research, competitor research, B2B lead generation, conversion rate review, monitoring of your customer journey, tracking and reviewing marketing campaigns, assessing your company’s SEO performance, to website performance, you need to start leveraging analytics.

Show Empathy in your Post- Covid Campaigns

The year has been tough on virtually everyone and it’s advisable to show some empathy in your campaigns. Try marketing within a context and leverage data collected from your customer’s interactions to know how you package your content.

Final Thoughts  

The Covid-19 global pandemic has ravaged every aspect of Singapore’s economy. The effects of the pandemic present a radically-transformed post-COVID world. As a marketer, you should be alive to these changes and repackage your digital marketing campaigns appropriately. Consider the impact the pandemic has had on your target customers, leverage data, show empathy, and tailor your campaign for this new world for the best results. 

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Marcus Ho is the founder of Asia's fastest-growing and award-winning digital marketing agency, Brew Interactive. Over the last 12 years, Marcus, alongside with his team has worked with numerous multinational brands such as Hitachi, Unilever, and Shell to grow their content marketing efforts effectively. Marcus is also the author of the national bestseller book, "Social Payoff".

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