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5 Creative Ways To Attract Top Talent To Your Startup

This is not an easy task to do

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Attracting top talent is important for the success and prosperity of any company, but even more so for a start-up. When launching something new to the world you generally only have one chance to make a good impression, so you must put your best foot forward, and when it comes to a business that means top-rated staff.

Securing the most talented employees is no easy task, but with a carefully crafted recruitment strategy, and by following the advice in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to filling your startup with the premium, skilled employees it deserves.

Treat Existing Employees Well

Your current employees are the best marketing your business can want. Treat them well and your business will become known as a place people want to work. Don’t pay them enough attention, though, and you risk your business being ruled out by the top talent you seek before you ever get them in for an interview. While word-of-mouth from employees is important, don’t try to force the issue, let it happen organically. Nothing will make your business seem worse than employees appearing to have been ordered to spread good reviews.

Have a System In Place

Having a good system in place for seeking out and recruiting the best talent is a must-have if you want to attract the best talent possible. Top talent will usually have a range of job options available so you are trying to sell them on your business. Having a streamlined recruitment system in place will not only make things easier to manage for you, allowing you to better target candidates suited for the role but will also come across as more professional to potential hires.

Bree Bensley, National Marketing Manager of Narellan Pools, comments, “in order to attract the right talent to our team, we have a comprehensive approach to recruitment, with detailed and relevant job ads posted in a range of places. As an organisation, we are all about providing opportunities for career growth, so we always seek to find and create career pathways for the right candidates.” 

Offer Unique Perks

Attracting top talent is all about standing out from the crowd. Your startup has to offer something that they can’t get anywhere else, something that will make them choose you as a place to work and progress their career. Perks and benefits like a stocked kitchen, relaxation area with video games or table tennis, and flexible home-working agreements may seem frivolous, but they may just give your business the edge when it comes to attracting skilled employees who have their choice of employers.

Create an Employee Referral System

There is nothing better than benefiting from free recruitment services by utilising your existing employees’ network. Almost every professional will have friends, colleagues, and people they went to school with who may just have the skills your business needs. Offering a referral system to existing employees will encourage them to reach out to their network and bring them on board when there is an opening.

Another advantage of bringing in talent this way is that by bringing in people that are already known to the team, the usual period required to develop a rapport will be minimised allowing the new hires to get to work straight away.

Have the Right Culture

Culture is a vital and often overlooked, part of any business. Corporate culture isn’t just about the clothing and the way emails are signed. The culture a business nurtures has a significant impact on the type of employees it is likely to attract. There is no right or wrong way to develop a business’ culture—every business will be unique—but there are some aspects that are universal and should be focussed on regardless of the company.

Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Sales Director of Crystal Bathrooms, had this to say about the culture of Crystal Bathrooms: “Great working environment, work-life balance, and career opportunity. We want people to be able to enjoy their work, feel like part of the team, grow, and perform their best.”

Whatever the size of your startup, whatever stage of development it is in, you can still attract the best talent available to you. Utilising the tips and advice in this guide, you can easily staff your business with the best the market has to offer. Just keep in mind that money isn’t everything; top talent has their choice of jobs and usually make their employment decisions on what company they want to work for rather than the size of the salary.

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