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5 Ways To Earn Money As An Influencer

Most influencers don’t rely on a single source of income and they usually combine a few approaches to make a living.

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We might be thinking, how do influencers make money? Spending time on writing blogs or managing their social media posts is not just a hobby for them, but a way to earn extra money, income or some, a full-time job. If you are someone who is interested in becoming an influencer or would like to take a peek in the influencer world and to learn some of the ways they earn, keep reading. 

Blog Post

Write or ghost-write for brands, companies or even individuals. If you are an influencer and at the same time a blogger, this is a plus point as you can publish articles and valuable posts at your own website. The more people visit your website, the more coverage you will get and this will help you to gain more partnership with local and even international brands. 

Collaboration/Partnership with Brands with Sponsored Content

Helping brands to promote brand awareness and specific products and services through social media platforms in exchange for payment or products. This also covers reviews, event coverage, product placement, and many more. Sponsored posts can be in the form of a photo, video, stories, blog post, live streaming and many more. 

Get the right Influencer Marketing Agency 

As an influencer, going solo will take you at a certain point but having the right marketing agency can take you further as they could connect you with more brands and partners. 

Affiliate Links/Marketing

These links provide your followers and audiences to purchase featured products (usually with a good deal/promo with given code to the influencers), download apps, visit specific websites or sign up for featured services that are usually relevant to your followers interests, based on your regular content and niche market segment. 

Sell Your Own Product/Services (Business Ventures)

Why not make money by striking out your own merchandise, app, services, companies and more. You can leverage your own social media loyal followings and launch books or merch lines as an example. Great news for my followers and readers, I’m launching something soon in October! Stay tuned and be part of the excitement!

Based on the above sharing, these are some of the ways they can earn money. Most influencers don’t rely on a single source of income and they usually combine a few approaches to make a living. Being an influencer takes a lot of hard work and dedication in ensuring their work and social media contents are one of the highest quality and to keep their audience interest high. You can start using these ways to earn money on social media and monetize your influence!

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Sofia Naznim is a corporate strategist, author, blogger, and influencer who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She’s focused on putting her passion and skills by supporting organisations and projects that she truly cares and she’s a big supporter of art and literature, philanthropy and animal lover. Most of all, she enjoys learning, create value and she’s passionate about life, writing and photography. Read more of her Rainbow Pegasus stories @ sofianaznim.com and be part of #rainbowpegasus family.

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