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Dear Filipinos, Here Are Legitimate Companies To Apply To As A Virtual Assistant

This is my way of helping those who are looking for legitimate work from home opportunities.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.

Since a lot of people are finding their way to start a career from home, specially those who were affected by the pandemic, I would like to share information that will help professionals or aspiring VA’s where to look for a legitimate job and avoid getting scammed. The internet is really full of information, but we also have to make sure we get the right one to avoid being a victim of some scrupulous people who are taking advantage of other people.

This is my way of helping those who are looking for legitimate work from home opportunities. Do not be fooled and fall victim, do your homework, and research before deciding on something. One other thing I would like to share with you, applying for a work-from-home job does not require any payment, so if you are experiencing this now or have experienced it, be mindful of this, there is no way that you should be asked for payment.

Legitimate companies will not ask their applicants to pay for anything in order for them to apply or to get hired. One other thing that you should consider when you are applying for a Virtual Assistant position, is to understand the difference of a Freelancer vs a Virtual Assistant.

A freelancer, from the word itself, means that they have to manage to look for their clients, whatever means possible, whereas a Virtual Assistant can work with a legitimate outsourcing agency as an individual contractor. In this aspect, a VA and a Freelancer, are both considered an individual contractor.

Here, I am sharing with you some of the outsourcing agencies you can apply for as a Virtual Assistant.

  • Virtual Elves Outsourcing
  • Virtual Coworker
  • 20four7VA
  • The VA Hub Inc.
  • Go2PH
  • Scale Experts
  • 24/7 Global Support
  • Virtudesk
  • OVA Virtual
  • Real Assist Pros
  • Virtual Staff Finder
  • Virtual Office Angels Australia
  • Virtual 365
  • The Virtual Hub

For the Freelancers site, I will do another post to where you can look for possible clients. Good luck on your journey and feel free to download this cheat sheet to give you a heads up on what you should prepare should you want to apply as a Virtual Assistant.

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Maria is a proud work-from-home advocate. As a Professional Virtual Assistant, she has worked with different clients and has learned a lot from them. Her respect for her career has given her the opportunity to earn from home; helping others who want to start a career from home by training and honing them to become VA Ready. She manages an FB Community with about 77 thousand members of aspiring and experienced VA's called Philippine Home-based Virtual Assistants. Follow her on LinkedIn and website.

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