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Reza Ibrahim: On Mindset, Belief System & Your Surroundings

Despite all the success and status he currently has, never once has Reza forgotten his roots of being poor and having nothing

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The entrepreneur & investor, Reza, is the Founder & COO of Maxxima, a manufacturer and distributor of award winning health products and supplements in more than 5 countries across South East Asia. From just a small idea to now, a multi-million dollar company. He is also an investor with a diversified portfolio including positive investments in real estate, consumer brands, F&B and more. He has won numerous awards such as Malaysia Outstanding National Entrepreneurs Award, Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, CEO BrandLeadership Excellence Award and more.

You will rarely hear anyone that would describe their first 15 years of marriage as ‘Hell.’ That was the exact words Reza used to express his journey being an entrepreneur. His struggles were beyond imaginable and it will definitely put us budding entrepreneurs in shame. Having failed more than 20 businesses, using condensed milk for his newborn, being eligible for zakat, each and every painful failure was actually building him up for the bigger success that was coming.

Behind it all, Reza was actually an avid researcher. It was one of the most critical skills he had that pivoted him to build Maxxima, a multimillion dollar company that it is today. Despite all the success and status he currently has, never once has Reza forgotten his roots of being poor and having nothing.

In this episode, we talked about how he built his empire, importance of education, art of investing and more.

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The Caliph Podcast is a Muslim lifestyle podcast show based in Singapore. Founded and hosted by Khairul Soly, the podcast features the inspiring life stories of successful Muslims from around the globe. Follow them on Spotify and website.

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