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Chef Bob: The Hijrah, HBB, Weight Transformation And Accountability

His number one enemy has always been the love-hate relationship with his weight

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The celebrity chef, TV personality and culinary wizard, Chef Bob, has been in the television entertainment industry for over 30 years, appearing in channels like Suria, Channel 5 and Asian Food Channel on various dramas, sitcoms, cooking programmes and travelogues. He is also currently venturing in the FnB business with Krush.sg & 3Quls as a co-founder.

Blessed with having a mother who loves to cook, Chef Bob started getting his hands busy in the kitchen at the very young age of five. He went on to build his name in the culinary industry and fame somehow got the better of him. He lost it all at one stage of his life which made him turn to his faith. That’s when things began to be positive and he believed in whatever that he did, there must be an element of dakwah. He emphasised the importance of seeking knowledge in the deen.

But overall, his number one enemy has always been the love-hate relationship with his weight. For the first time, he opened up about the surgery that he went to further aid him in his weight transformation. A lifestyle change is important and maintaining it is the toughest part.

In this episode, we talk more about his hijrah, his amazing weight transformation, support for HBB, accountability, being an influencer, and more.

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The Caliph Podcast is a Muslim lifestyle podcast show based in Singapore. Founded and hosted by Khairul Soly, the podcast features the inspiring life stories of successful Muslims from around the globe. Follow them on Spotify and website.

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