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Effective Methods To Improve Marketing Campaigns On Facebook

There are no shortcuts to know which type of advertisements are the best-performing ones

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Managing Marketing Campaigns on Social Media has become a popular tactic to drive traffic, boost sales or create engagement. Facebook Advertising is one of the best marketing tools but it can be very complex – there’s a lot to learn, and there are always ways to optimise your campaigns. However, it can be an effective lead generation mechanism for businesses or companies to bring in more customers or prospects. Here are some guidelines that can be used to run effective marketing campaigns.

For marketers, data is an important source to find insights and determine the best course of action to optimise or improve marketing campaigns. One of the key components in running Facebook Ads is having a Facebook pixel. It is a piece of code that can be set up on Facebook and installed on the website. It will start to track customer’s actions on the website or e-commerce store after they land there from your Facebook Ads. With a pixel, marketers can see the data on visitor’s engagement on the Facebook ad and how many clicks it got. 

For e-commerce stores, business owners will see if there are any purchase actions such as cart abandonment or product page visits. Through these actions, business owners can improve the online shopping experience better, based on the exact points where visitors dropped out of the buying process. It will provide marketers of the custom audience of those who has already been to the website. 

This is powerful information because marketers can set up retargeting ads to entice the same audience to consider a purchase at the e-store or engage in services. At the same time, marketers can create a lookalike audience with similar interest and habits on the Facebook campaign set-up. These techniques are very helpful to target relevant audiences to a website or e-commerce store.

There are definitely other factors to ensure that campaigns perform effectively. Marketers need to look at improving CTR or click-through rates. CTR stands for Click-Through-Rate which means the percentage of people who clicked on the specific Facebook post or advertisement. The following are best practices to improve CTR when the rate is low.

  • Review Facebook ad creatives to include relevant visuals or effective copywriting
  • Check placements of your Facebook ads that are relevant to your objectives such as on Facebook & Instagram feed instead of Facebook Marketplace
  • Test ads using different audiences – Custom Audience that are the ideal customer for the business

There are times when your advertisement does not yield the results that you hope for. This is especially true when the campaign receives clicks and likes without any sales conversions. Some of the contributing factors can be the lack of user experience on the website or the inappropriate advertisement placement.

An example of effective user experience to convert sales is to provide visitors and customers with an influential factor to motivate purchase decisions. This includes having videos, testimonials, and customer reviews that can influence the customer to know more about the products before considering to buy. In terms of placing advertisements on Facebook, it is important to note the non-ideal placements such as Audience Network or Instant Ads which can be bad for top-of-the-funnel campaigns. 

Here are other additional tips to ensure the campaigns can produce the expected ROI and sales conversions.

  • Use custom audiences that includes relevant demographics as well as the customer’s interest that is coherent with the business objective
  • Focus the objective of the Facebook ads to get more conversions instead of impressions instead. Examples include retargeting ads and using look-alike audiences
  • Use A/B testing for campaigns to reach the right audience. Ad variations such as ad headlines, call-to-actions, or a combination of those work well for your target audience

There are no shortcuts to know which type of advertisements are the best-performing ones. It is important for marketers to be aware of the insights gathered from Facebook Pixels and monitor metrics to ensure the advertising campaigns are effective to produce desirable results. Such information can provide marketers with an informed decision that brings value to the advertising expenditure as well as producing effective campaigns.

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