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A Mission To Bring The Human And Authentic Element Into Brands

Your brand is a promise

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What is this product/service all about?

Human Centered CEO Branding Coaching and Strategy.

Tell us more.

“People would rather deal with people than businesses,” from Nela Dunato “The Human Centered Brand.”

Before promoting ourselves online as a business, it’s important to know ourselves as a mindful business owner. “What are my company’s core values and what do we stand for?” “Who am I as a CEO or business owner?” “What problems do I love to solve?” These are the crucial elements that help us not only stand out from the competition but also our way of earning our market’s trust.

By helping you truly understand who you are, what you can do to make a difference, and know who your clientele is on a deeper level, you are able to channel your branding efforts effectively, and in the most authentic and human way possible. Such a strategy proves to be more cost-effective, not to mention, even more meaningful.

It’s not rocket science. My mission for your business in general is clear and simple: to bring the human and authentic element into your brand. I don’t just educate but I also teach my clients how to build relationships – relationships with people that you want to attract.

At the end of the day, your brand is a promise.

How much?

  • 4 sessions of CEO Branding Coaching + Strategy at USD300
  • Brand Story Writeup at USD200
  • Brand Story Video at USD250

Anything else you’d like to share?

Free consultation available through freeconsult@jencajucom.asia

This product or service is suitable for?

CEOs and business owners, startup owners who want to build their executive brand and stand out through their humanness and authenticity.

Which country or region are you covering?


How to order?

Through Marketing In Asia or through freeconsult@jencajucom.asia

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