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How Our Room In Clubhouse Ran For 20 Days Straight & Helped Thousands Of Entrepreneurs While Leveraging Celebrities & Influencers We Did Not Know!

It’s a purely audio based platform where you can get entry by invitation only

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

This is not a rags to riches story. But a story of how a small step in  a big vision can impact millions of lives. I am getting goosebumps even as I type this because the last 20  days have been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride for me and  my wife. 

Let me start the story by explaining about the platform where it all  started. This platform is called Clubhouse app — a purely audio based platform where you can get entry by invitation only. Since  nothing that you say here is recorded, the app can create a  #FOMO type of feeling pretty quickly. So when you download this  app, you sign up with your name/email, a short bio and a profile  picture. On the app are ‘rooms’ where there’s an audience related  to the topic of that room. There are listeners, speakers and  moderators to control both. Beat this: there are no videos or  images shared except for the profile picture, it’s strictly audio based. People recognize you by your profile name and your voice.

Now let me get to my story. My wife and I have a life mission: we  want to inspire 100 million entrepreneurs around the world.  Precisely why we opened an account on Clubhouse in the first  place since someone told me it’s a great way to connect with  entrepreneurs. On Christmas Day at 9 am, my wife and I started a  room on the app called “What it takes to run a 1 million dollar biz”  hoping to connect with lonely entrepreneurs who were stuck at  home. We felt there was a lack in rooms dedicated to other like  minded entrepreneurs. What happened next was nothing short of  magical and changed our life. 

After a few minutes in the room, 3 people joined. Then 5 people,  then 10 and shortly after we had over 100 people in the room.  Most were listening and some were “on stage” asking questions  about their business. Luckily we had some other experienced  business owners join the room so they became moderators and  were able to help answer questions. Many of the people asking for  advice were small business owners greatly impacted by COVID or  were laid off from their jobs looking to start a business. While  speaking and listening we realized entrepreneurship is a very  lonely place and this could be the reason people rushed in to be  heard and to hear more. 

After a few hours and hundreds of people the craziest thing  happened. We saw names of influencers and celebrities in the  business field joining the conversation. At this point, it was clear  to us that we were onto something and a movement was brewing. 

In order to make this movement possible, we would have to  continue this room 24 hours a day. We had heard there was a  room that went for 12 days straight so we set out to be the longest  room in Clubhouse history — going 24 hours a day for 13 days. We  could not do it alone so we enlisted 10 entrepreneurs who would  be moderators alongside us to help. Great thing about a group of  10 entrepreneurs is we created processes like a schedule form, new  mod application form, and a Facebook messenger group for  communication. It was like a well-oiled machine. 

After a few days of being successful with this platform , so many  celebrities and influencers in business came in such as Les Brown,  Tai Lopez, Dan Henry, John Lee, Daymond John. They applauded  our room saying it was their favorite place. Many of these became  frequent visitors. Grant Cardone made multiple visits to the room  to drop advice to people, Patrick Starr came to our room first  among so many others. There were times well over 1,000 people  were in and out of that room. Then the messages started coming in  about how much this was changing people’s lives. They would  come up and even cry sharing what pains them in life and  business. They did not have the network of people to discuss this  with. We received hundreds of messages that we are still 20 days  later going through. 

I have never seen anything like this in my life. The ability to audio  communicate with people creates such a bond. People stayed up to  15 days straight in this room for sometimes 12 hours a day. It was incredible. They kept thanking all of us for providing so much  value and help for free which is normally not something you hear  about. 

While writing this, we had closed the room a few hours ago  stopping at 20 days. After this my wife and I opened a room titled  “Chill” and people came in to tell us how much they were  impacted. How they were just so happy that we put in the time and  how it was worth it. This gave me more gratification than any  amount of money or business success could. 

I cannot conclude without thanking the people who self-lessly  pitched in to help us in reaching others. In case I miss your name  please let me know so I can add. This was a team effort and could  not have been accomplished without the hours upon hours of  time: Kate Hancock, Jodeen Bergstrom, William Tong, Tony  Tovar, Molly Mahoney, Sophia Hong, Kurt Walker, Joseph  Lazukin, Jodeen Bergstrom, Jeff Lopez, Jason Economides, Dana  Garrison, Timothy Lee, Kemmet Dominguez, Blake Nubar, Alisha  Schenck, Kemmet Dominguez, Zach Babcock, Simone Vincenzi,  Akemi Sue Fisher, Athena Severi, Perry Belcher, Lauren Tucker,  Robbie Woelkers, Tanner Chidester, Laura Egocheaga, Garrett  Robins, Djemilah Birnie, Don Ho, Alexa Anne, Craig Shulze, Eric  Samdahl, Alexa Dagostino and so many more! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let’s keep the  conversation going, join Clubhouse today.

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