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SEO, Social Media Management and Website Design? We Got It All

We keep the momentum active by directly building the authority and trust on your website

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What is this product/service all about?

Basically we help your website to be more alive and visible in Google’s search results. We will optimize your website so that it sends the best signals to Google that your site deserves to receive more free organic traffic to it. Slowly but surely, your website will outrank your competitors and you will siphon all their organic traffic online.

Tell us more.

We will start by auditing your website’s entire web presence first. Once that is done, we will then fine-tune your website, do research on content and specific keywords that are relevant to your business. We shall also set up Google Analytics/Search Console on your website so that you will be able to track the growth of traffic to it.

With the information that we have gathered during the first month, we will keep the momentum active by directly building the authority and trust on your website in the search engines like Google with guest posting/link building activities. If you want more information, we can email you our rate card.

How much?

It depends on the plan the customer chooses. We have two packages:

  • Package 1: RM800/month
  • Package 2: RM1,500/month

For Package 1, we will optimize your website moderately around three times per week. However it is only suitable for websites that have 10 pages or less while for Package 2 we will do optimizations daily and more suitable for websites that have 10-20 pages. 

For a more aggressive and results backed SEO campaign, we have a 3-month minimum package starting at RM3,500/month.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Besides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we also offer social media management with affordable monthly rates. Other than that, we also offer website design services for our clients.

Show us some pics or videos.

We do not have any pics or videos to showcase here since this is a service. You may text or email us for some credentials. We would be happy to share case studies, testimonials and reports. This way we can showcase the quality level we are bringing on the table to your business.

This product or service is suitable for?

Solopreneur, small business owner, SMEs and corporate brands as well as professionals.

Which country or region are you covering?

Our clients are in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and predominantly in the United States.

How to order?

Easy, just text us in real-time here. Let’s talk more over there. If you are comfortable to do it via email, even better. You may email us at nabil.jalil@blackgridseo.com.

What is your website address and/or social media url?

You can visit us at https://www.blackgridseo.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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