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Pimclick Launches A Digital Transformation And Adaptation Methods For The Pandemic Outbreak

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Pimclick, a Thai-French creative digital agency has analyzed the problem of the pandemic situation. We have implemented new methodologies to adapt to the digital changes of the business world through our free eBook, “Digital Transformation in a rapidly changing world”.

Mr. Panya, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Pimclick Creative Digital Agency, stated that pandemic lockdown has caused a significant economic impact, which inhibited the spread of inevitable consequences for various businesses such as, hotels and aviation businesses. The outbreak has caused various changes in numerous aspects, especially in the business world. The pandemic has forced various businesses to shut down, leaving only businesses that are able to adapt to the situation to continue their operation.

From the beginning of this pandemic, we have collected case studies and data information to study its impacts and opportunities for adaptation into this ebook (Digital Transformation in a Rapidly Changing World). This ebook captures the essence of this outbreak and the impact it has had on the business sector. In addition to the new information and knowledge, the book also includes the guidelines for business transformation in a form of ‘Digital Transformation’ that will assist you to enhance the work of the new era with full flexibility and efficiency Mr. Panya also stated that the information provided in this ebook is beneficial to current businesses who are searching for ways to adapt to a streamline workstyle. A streamline workstyle is idealistic for business efficiency as it helps reduce cost, time, and increase future income. Be a part to transform into the digital world with us.

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