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PINAY Lady Boss: Our Shared Life Stories Of Career, Family & Passion

Pinay Lady Boss will be launching on February 14, 2021

Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash

Life is a journey of purposeful discovery and it is not every day that we can freely share our life stories with others. But when we do, it is a realization that our failures, our past heartaches and our toughest challenges — got us to where we are today.

The journey was not always about laughter, triumph and sunny days as there were days where we were challenged to our inner most core. But along the journey, we find love, friendship, camaraderie, mentors and lessons that not only serve us for life, but are also something that we can share and teach to others. Live, learn and nurture, is how I live my life and I am proud to be among the storytellers that contributed to the Pinay Lady Boss book that will officially be launched on February 14, 2021.

The Pinay Lady Boss book is an anthology of over 55 women who are sharing their life stories from their humblest of days, to their success, their outlook, their family life and recounting the hardest trials they faced and how it reshaped them. For the many, it was a journey of not only self-discovery, but it was also a journey of learning, seeing the world in a different light and how to achieve the balance of family life, work and sharing their blessings. 

Origins and Humble Beginnings

At the root of every person’s success is their story on how they got there. The book explores the early life and the beginnings of the women who contributed to the book. We all started differently but what we have in common is our enduring journey on how we overcame our challenges and how we navigated the world through different eyes and hands. We never know where life will take us. There are times when we can just let the wind freely guide our sails and there are times when we must muster up every bit of courage to navigate the stormy seas. On recounting our early lives and our formative years, we hope that the reader begin to understand how different forces in life shape our differences. Yet despite our differences, there are always things where we have in common, and that is where we begin to look at one another in a different light. The person we see today is a product of trials, learning and risk taking. 


For every successful woman who is in the prime of their life, they had their fair share of challenges – from frustration, to failures and heartaches. In having the courage then to move forward, it takes more courage to finally share our biggest trials and our lowest points. In knowing the heartache and trials, do we also begin to understand the person better. This is where understanding takes root and we learn that despite our differences on how we managed those challenges, we are not so much different from one another. This pre-kinship is what allows us (women in particular) to uplift and cheer one another to succeed.

Celebrating Differences and Diversity

As a contributor to the book, I am eager to read and learn the life stories of the other women who contributed to the book. It is a very rare moment in life where we can all fondly look back at our journeys and see where we all are now. It is aspiring to kinship, a reminiscent of a travelling sisterhood. 

Our diverse beliefs, our heritages, the places we call home and our fields of study or expertise as a collective of contributors; this is a story worth collecting and sharing. We have women in finance, we have women in technology, we have women in startups and we have women who found their calling in life.

The book is a celebration of differences and our commonalities in our journey through life. It is also a source where we can draw inspiration from one another; sourcing hope from the challenges, learning from one another’s wisdom and say hello to new acquaintances and friends amongst the contributors.

It is an honor for me to have been chosen to participate in this book. I will fondly remember sharing my story and hearing their stories as well. I dedicate this book to my family, who serves as my light and inspiration. I would also like to cite my friends and co-workers in DynaQuest, who also helped me grow through the years. Lastly but not least, I dedicate this book to you, dear reader, who is also making his or her way to the world. May our stories inspire you to be strong despite life’s challenges. Live, learn and nurture!

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To pre-order, kindly transfer Php1000 to the following payment options. Delivery fee is already included.

  • BPI 008413047103, Spark Educational Consultancy Svs
  • Pay via GCASH: 09175885724 

Pls send copy of your payment transfer to this Facebook page together with your complete name, address, and mobile number. You may also email us here for more info.

Pinay Lady Boss will be launching on February 14, 2021.

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Written By

Gail Concepcion Cruz-Macapagal is the Country Director of DynaQuest. She started out as a Customer Service Associate doing outbound sales 17 years ago when she joined the BPO Industry. She then moved up the ranks in Operations, then to Client Services, Vendor Management and HR. She is now a Certified Blockchain Expert in an Award-Winning Blockchain Solutions provider. Gail is passionate about outreach and social causes as Gail is the country representative of Humanility Philippines and a board member of Humanility; a non-profit organization dedicated to the emancipation and holistic rehabilitation upbringing of rescued street children. Gail is also a supporter of IBPAP’s My Dream in a Shoebox for many years and Gail also serves as among the Board of Trustee for HIMAP and is the corporate secretary. Gail has also earned a certificate of appreciation from the city of Bacolod for her contributions in establishing the first Blockchain hackathon in the region and helping the region raise its business readiness global index. Follow her on Facebook.

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