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Importance Of Video Content In 2020

If you’re not producing video content in 2020, you’re losing out big time!

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2019 was the year that focused on all video-related content. Many leading brands around the world began to realise the necessity to create video content to get more traction from the viewers; some data shows that the majority of social media users spent their time watching videos.

Source: Statista.com

Based on a statistic report of Distribution time spent engaging with digital entertainment in Australia in 2018, we can see that the highest activity done on social media is video streaming.

Source: Statista.com

There was another finding done in 2019 to figure out what users are doing on social media in a short 4-week span from 15 February to 29 March; using 2,099 respondents; age ranging from 16-44 years old.

From this graph, we can see that most of the users spend time commenting on posts and also sharing video and picture related posts on the social media platform.

Video has become a major source of information for users on social media

Create video content is a must if you want to get ahead with your branding game in 2020 if you’re not convinced with the data given, here are some of the reasons why people prefer video content over any other form of content.

It’s entertaining. Video contents are full of interesting visuals and audio. Combining those two will provide a better experience for the views compared to text, audio or visual standalone.

The combined elements can help set the tone and the mood that the content intends to convey. With the correct image and the right music, it elevates the experience when viewing the content. And many times, it stirs the emotions of the viewers; leaving a strong impression in their mind.

It’s easy to consume. Unlike traditional written content, videos are contents that are easier to consume. Viewing video gives a more immediate effect of understanding the content. If you’re reading, you need to concentrate and read word by word so that you don’t misinterpret the meaning of the content.

However, when you’re watching a video; the visual and audio are immediately transmitted to your brain. It’s feeding you with information that is easier for the consumer compared to text. This can be seen in the rise of video tutorials and reviews for products. Viewers are able to get a better context and understanding watch a video on a person review the product.

With the help of captions, users are able to even watch videos silently as well. The text combined with visuals is still a very effective tool to send out easy to understand content to the viewers.

It retains a longer attention span. A good video will hold the attention of the viewers longer. And when this happens, social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube will deem this is good content and proceed to promote it on the tending list.

A standard good video length would be about 5-10 minutes. However, the content must be good and entertaining for so ensure viewers don’t quit halfway. This principle is similar to SEO ranking. If the users click into a website and leave within seconds, Google SEO will flag it as spam or consider it as a bad website and will be less likely to promote it. But if the users stay on the website longer, it builds domain authority and will rank better on the search page.

So, if you haven’t yet gotten into creating video content, 2020 is a year for you to do it!

I’ll be working more on content on how to build proper videos in the future. Stay tuned and if you have some tips to share regarding the importance of creating video contents in 2020 do make sure to leave it in the comment section below.

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