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Azleen Abdul Rahim

17 Shocking Reasons Why Your Social Media Isn’t Bringing You Any Clients

Throw away your ego out of the window and start listening to the person hired to do the job

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While there are quite a few text-book reasons out there available on the web that can satisfy your curiosity, here are the real-deal, straight-to-the-point answers for you to swallow. 

People can’t resonate your brand with what you do. If they visit your social media channel, they see you talk about food, business, travel, tech, outdoors, startup, human resources, career, ranting about local politicians, recycling jokes and also observing you taking pictures at all sorts of gathering. You don’t highlight or treat with specialty about the niche you’re in when posting stuff on social media. They’ll struggle to understand who you are, what you do and the message you’re trying to share with them. 

People can’t find reasons why they need you. If this happens, it shows that your overall business strategy sucks. You obviously need to revisit the entire business plan. Why? It seems that the market is happy with their current habit of consuming whatever products and services they are using and don’t plan to change them to accommodate yours into their lifestyle. Furthermore, there are hundreds of other brands which they think are way better than yours, making your brand irrelevant.

You spend time on the company’s brand more than your personal one. It’s slightly difficult to build trust from a company’s point of view but it’ll be easier to build trust from a personal one instead. This is because we are dealing with humans and they trust other human beings more than things. Enough said.

You, yeah you, don’t have the right type and amount of followers. Having just about anybody to follow you on social media doesn’t cut it anymore. You need potential customers to follow you, people who know who the potential customers and media people. These three groups of people are critical to your conversions. And having just 1-2 thousands of them isn’t enough. You need more reach. Aim for 20 to 30 thousands, then you’ll see the load of inquiries coming your way.

You’ve yet to become an authority in your niche. People see you as a newbie in the industry and they don’t normally give newbies business unless they really know your quality. This is why it is critical to build a personal brand alongside your corporate brand. So get a grip.

Your social media content isn’t authentic, not rightfully yours, most of them are other people’s. Too much of other people’s videos, copywriting, images and other sorts of content isn’t good for your conversion. People don’t quite see you as credible.

You are preaching to the wrong type of audience. Why on earth are you spending more time on Facebook when you’re not doing retail and your products are meant for businesses?

Your content strategy isn’t focused. Guess what, large brands such as Airbnb, Nike, AirAsia, Grab and Netflix don’t post random things on social media. They share stuff that relates back to what they do. That’s how they make their brands memorable on social media, through strategic content. They highlight a story, a situation or a scene that is relatable to the audience, pretty much around the product or service they’re selling but not focusing on the product. The story will focus on the character within the story.

Your copywriting quality is like a textbook. Come on, people don’t read textbooks. They’ll avoid it at all costs. Instead, you should write as if you’re talking to someone, make it conversational.

You don’t have any substance. Everyone will smell when you don’t have any substance whatsoever. You may be ‘physically’ seen as the go-to-person for a certain niche, but when you can’t back it up with some proofs of what you’re saying then you will lose credibility.The last thing you want people to see in you as a brand is no action, talk only.

You sell too much or don’t sell at all. Trying to convert strangers into paid customers is almost impossible. What you should do is to make them come closer, build conversations and eventually trust. People will run away if you’re such a pushy brand trying to sell, sell and sell to everybody. Not selling at all is also a big no-no. Rather than posting about info sharing all the time, you need to also upload a call-to-action based content too.

You don’t plan your posting, and have it out there regularly. Posting on the go is for amateurs. Just look at the amateur brands out there, many are struggling to survive. There’s no sense of direction whatsoever. You’re not an amateur, are you? 

You are desperate. The smell of desperation stinks. It’s so stinky, everybody notices it. Social media doesn’t work well with desperate people or brands. You see, nature works in a weird way. People don’t normally help those in need unless there is some compelling reasons. Normal people will automatically help those who don’t need help. 

You don’t trust people whom you’ve hired. Hiring professionals to build your brand on social media is commendable but to get them to follow your failed strategy is a disaster. The remedy is simple, throw away your ego out of the window and start listening to the person hired to do the job. 

Your product or service sucks. No matter how smart you are on social media, how big you’re spending on social media ads or how creative your content is, but if you product or service sucks, people won’t come near you at all. Period. You need to go back to the drawing board and sort out your house and make everything in order first.

You just play on social media, nothing else. This strategy won’t work as not everyone, or should I say your potential customers, is always online. Sometimes their eyeballs aren’t on social media. Sometimes they’re out there having coffee with their network of friends. Sometimes their eyeballs are on Google searching for something. Sometimes they are always on the road, driving. That said, you need to know the place they’re hanging out and catch their attention there.

You’re like a statue, never respond to comments, likes inquiries. People don’t like dealing with statues, as simple as that. They hate talking to a wall. What they’ll do next is that, they will go straight to your competitors.

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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a social media management company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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