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How To Create A Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy?

If you want to know more about ‘How to create a successful Influencer Marketing Strategy’ make sure you keep reading on!

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Now is the time to get social and make the most impact for your brand. Let your brand be visible in multiple target markets and lure the audiences to conversion. Wondering how? Influencer marketing is your answer! Now the question arises, what exactly is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the process of marketing where you approach known faces i.e celebrities, social influencers, etc to advertise for your brand through different mediums. By this, your brand gets maximum visibility in the required target market, increase sales, establish brand image and visibility, gets a higher recognition and reputation as a brand in the designated field.

If you want to know more about ‘How to create a successful Influencer Marketing Strategy’ make sure you keep reading on!

  1. Set a goal – The first and foremost point is to set a goal or an objective. Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve by this campaign? Increase sales or establish brand visibility? This is the first part of your campaign analytics, define your KPIs to measure campaign success.
  2. Make a list of potential influencers – Now, it’s important to make a list of influencers whom you’d approach to advertise for your brand. Whom would you choose? – The person with more followers but less engagement or the person who has more engagement but fewer followers comparatively. Do you want to approach smaller-scale influencers or just one influencer with a huge target market? Has the influencer worked with your competing brands before? Does the influencer’s audience align with your target market? Once you get these questions solved, you’re all set to move ahead.
  3. Create an Influencer Marketing Brief – Focus on value-added content. You should always consider creating an approach that’d hold a better perspective of what your expectations are. Brand briefs should include – Key focus points/goals, dates (pre-launch, launch period, post-launch, other events), main content whether it’s an image or video, etc, define the kind of audience you want, the engagement you expect.
  4. Define your requirements – Now, according to the medium which you want your influencer to perform on, you’d define what your expectations are. Like for example – number of posts, multiple mediums, the timeline of the contents, audience engagement, etc. You can also layout the creative rights in the campaign contract. Be clear on what you want, restrict the influencer to work with competitor brands.
  5. Creation of content – Once your influencer knows the whole process is laid out in front of him/her, proceed to the next level which is the creation of content. If you’re ok with the presentation and expectation in terms of content once drafted, you can give a green signal to the influencer to go ahead and execute the advertisement.
  6. Promote the campaign – Make sure you make the most out of your campaign, create a buzz around your social channels and as well as your brand’s. You can push your reach to more audience if you use paid media, just make sure your brand voice is projected positively.
  7. Review the results – You’ve made this far, good work! Now is the time to analyze and compare the results with competitors or your past campaigns. Extract the data from that particular medium and lay it down in a sheet. Compare the results with the KPIs and interpret the performance. Look for engagement insights and analyze the audience’s reaction for each post.

Above mentioned are the three phases of influencer marketing – brand strategy, content publishing, and analytics. If you follow the plans as laid out, you’ll definitely get the most out of your influencers campaign.

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Khushboo Nangalia is an award-winning entrepreneur, leading her global digital marketing team as a CEO of BEYOND99. It is a digital marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur, with offices in India and Canada. Follow her on LinkedIn andwebsite.

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