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Evolution of Identity

Cards have been our gateway for the length of our lives, and it has changed its purpose through the years.

Since birth, we were given our own identity in the form of a birth card or a certificate. As we grow older, we receive birthday cards that remind us of our age. We even have report cards for parents to see how we progress in school.

We played card games like Uno, Old Maid, Trump cards, and probably Poker at one time. At work, we have business cards to represent our company, and bank cards to access ATMs.

Cards have been our gateway for the length of our lives, and it has changed its purpose through the years. As technology evolves, we have varieties of debit and credit cards to assist in our spending spree.

Today, most cards are embedded with an identification chip to transmit our personal information and access to our bank accounts. The technology enables business transactions, purchasing goods, even moving around from point A to B with the help of sensory devices like RFID (Radio-frequency Identification).

Moving with the times, there’s not much different to what Bayo is producing, which is a card payment solution that integrates with industry’s systems and data management.

By incorporating a seamless user experience and enabling users to administer better system management, Bayo’s card payment solution delivers smooth work progress and greater access to and for their employees.

Imagine if you’re doing marketing way up north. You obviously don’t have the time to return to the office in Kuala Lumpur, fill the claim form, and get to an ATM to cash out. Bayo’s app solution is integrated into your card, and you only need your mobile phone to make your claim, which will be deposited to your mobile wallet instantly. It’s an easy cashless transaction that works intelligently for both you and your company.

So, it’s not surprising for us to be introduced with new ways of doing things. Innovative methods will continue evolving through the years and capture the interest of the next line of generation. Question is, are you in, or out?

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Continuing 15 years with advertising and freelancing, Zul Jalal is a creative communications writer, creative director, blogger, and a drummer, depending on the role of the job acquired. When we put things into perspective, others can be inspired to grow and expand. Follow him on his Instagram and LinkedIn.

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