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What Do You Plan To Achieve With LinkedIn?

We’d like to understand what do they plan to achieve by being active on LinkedIn.

Recently we asked a number of influential Malaysians on LinkedIn about their objective there on the platform. We’d like to understand what do they plan to achieve by being active on LinkedIn. And, here are their answers.

Valens Subramaniam, Rodeo. For me, Linkedin acts a connecting bridge for us to showcasing our technology, products, campaigns which we have executed, new development and growth in general about Rodeo, to the world. The primary audience would be targeting the brand managers whom we believe are spending majority of their time here on LinkedIn.

Xavier Mah, Xavier Mah Consultancy. Human connections are everything – without them, we are nothing but lost souls. We are all mere dots in need of a line so that we are all connected and can benefit from one another’s existence. That has always been the nature of things. With LinkedIn, I’m planning to acquire more influence in my industry by sharing more stories, be it my clients’ or my own. This platform gives me the opportunity to strengthen my professional ties and reach out to the industry leaders with just a click of a button. Having like-minded individuals flooding your timeline on a daily basis is a great way to start enlightening conversations in hopes that these will turn into actions and eventually create a vibrant community.

Freda Liu, BFM. LinkedIn is the perfect tool for me to expand my professional brand. It’s the most direct way to build my brand and share my specific expertise to a targeted audience.

Azleen Abdul Rahim, NSE. LinkedIn, unlike the rest of the social networking platforms, is the only place where I can build my authority and eventually establish a large community of genuine B2B followers of my own. Since I’m running B2B companies, the biggest mistake that I would definitely not be making is to spend most of my precious time on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram.

Roshan Thiran, Leaderonomics. Personally, my goal is very similar to that of my organisation Leaderonomics, which is to empower and enable more people to grow into leaders and to build communities of Love. We believe that through Linkedin, we can harness the power to connect with people professionally, authentically and deeply, to enable them to be transformed slowly into leaders, through the great content that we share. I became a LinkedIn member almost 20 years ago, starting by sharing insights, articles and interviews and now in varying other formats to enable everyone to learn, grow and become a great leader. We know if you become a better leader, we all win — you lead better and the community you serve becomes better. So, its leveraging Linkedin as a platform to make this world a better place!

Jonathan Low, Global Success Learning Academy. LinkedIn provides a wonderful platform where I can easily communicate, share, add value and provide insights with my connections (close to 15K ). As a global speaker that helps organisations and professionals achieve greater sales success, service experience and leadership performance, I use LinkedIn consistently as a business platform to share articles, videos, exchange ideas, develop the right collaboration and expand my speaking business globally. Besides that, Linkedin is used by me to learn from all the amazing influencers on my area of expertise. In return, my clients and customers will be able to enjoy the value of working with my team and myself as we strive to inspire and improve the performance and success within sales, service and leadership domains. Thanks to LinkedIn and Marketing in Asia!

Daphne Lourdes, Astro Radio. For me, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with and learn from like-minded peers across the world. It’s so inspiring to see what other marketers are accomplishing and it serves as motivation for me keep on innovating. I also use LinkedIn to keep abreast with industry updates, run trade marketing activities as well as develop my personal brand. The platform has also been an effective tool for discovering new partnership and business opportunities.

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