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How Does Content Marketing Influence Your Travel Plans?

Content marketing in the travel sector offers tremendous opportunities to build trust, create eye-opening moments, and add unique value for all travel consumers.

Ever wondered how content can translate into an influential touchpoint for consumers? We love experiencing the inviting foreplay of storytelling, visuals, and images. This approach makes perfect sense especially for travel brands who would like to connect with the travel community and consumers. Travel portals such as Tripoto or TripAdvisor are examples of platforms where you’ll find every information to inspire and plan your holiday trip or vacation. There are so many touchpoints to engage and enhance the customer’s journey. Content marketing in the travel sector offers tremendous opportunities to build trust, create eye-opening moments, and add unique value for all travel consumers.

How do you communicate with an existing or new audience?

When I started out travelling solo in 2003, there were no social media platforms or content portals for me to read and visualise where my next destination will be. The word of mouth and experiences have become an influential factor in making travel decisions. Over the years of travelling, I develop an innate ability to translate my holiday experiences and communicate my journeys through words and visuals. As a travel blogger, I have successfully reached out to over a total of 90,000 views on the articles posted on Tripoto and garnered over 12,000 readers on my Tripadvisor channel. Significant numbers aside, there is no denying that content provides the best engagement to reach out to the intended audience.

There is a genuine sense through storytelling and reviews which connects the readers to be interested in a travel destination or visiting a city. Travel brands and ambassadors must evoke authenticity, personality, and genuine interests to communicate with novice and seasoned travellers. According to statistics, consumers read up to 10 reviews on TripAdvisor before deciding on their next travel journey. By replicating SEO tactics that are proven to work, curated content from articles to videos provides the visibility which reaps great rewards.

What are the trends in travel marketing?

Many travel providers and hospitality companies are generating customer-centric content related to travelling and accommodation. The content marketing tactics provide free publicity which generates organic leads, impressions, and engagement. Benefits of ratings and reviews establish more consumer trusts for the travel products and services. It also improves the conversion rates for hotel bookings and expands the customer base.

Brands and Service Providers realise the importance of travel ambassadors or influencers and the value they bring in attracting prospects and customers. As digital natives, millennials share their experiences on social media and book trips via smartphone. Experiential moments such as vacations is the social currency for Millennial consumers. Posting experiences on Facebook or Instagram have been the social norm in recent years.  This factor prompts travel providers or brands to shift their attention to digital avenues or online platforms for advertising purposes. Digital influencers are becoming the new marketing commodity for brands and represent the real deal in advocating travel experiences.

Video blogs, articles, and photos are becoming the best medium to reach out to customers of different profiles. Travel advertising has transpired from the old-school methods to spontaneous user-generated content. Content Marketing has redefined consumer patterns and how the travel world operates. The dynamic consumer behaviours and trends will bring a new set of changes in travel marketing. As for now, let’s embrace content marketing to recreate a memorable moment or inspire in your next travel journey.

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