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YouTube: 2018’s Top Malaysian Creators On The Rise

Check out these channels started in 2018 that have accumulated the most subscribers!

Check out these channels started in 2018 that have accumulated the most subscribers!

YouTube Malaysia today released its selection of Malaysian YouTube creators and channels on the rise for 2018. This list presents the 10 channels that are barely a year old but have already seen huge subscriber growth throughout the year till November. We celebrate these mainly young and super talented individuals and groups that keep us entertained, informed and best of all — make us think.

The top two YouTubers share similarities in that they leverage on video games to create addictive animated shorts that span a variety of styles. Robe Cube’s horror-themed series, which features some monsterrific scenarios and challenges set in the Minecraft universe, has dramatically propelled their growth, while Daisy데이지 can thank their unique use of the Gachaverse game to showcase a number of anime-inspired episodic shows.

Other notable creators include Faris Eddy Viral TV where fans of YouTube skits would feel right at home, Easya Vaazhalam whose life hacks are useful for streamlining daily house chores, as well as Chanel Kang and her immense love for TikTok dancing.

The rest of the Top 10 covers a spectrum of entertainment topics, offering a mix of music and gossip, to food and motorcycles, from both individuals and groups that look to push creativity to the forefront and add a distinct Malaysian flavor to the online video platform.

The Malaysian YouTubers on the rise of 2018 are:

YouTube CreatorChannel DescriptionCurrent Subscriber Count
Robe CubeEntertaining (and at times frightening) Minecraft-based shorts347,000+ subs and counting
Daisy데이지Gachaverse-based animated series of varying genres96,000+ subs and counting
Faris Eddy Viral TVYouTube shorts that covers comedy, drama and everything in between70,000+ subs and counting
Futuremusic EntertainmentA music label that local artists Kristal, Elliza and more call home48,000+ subs and counting
Ustaz Azhar Idrus OfficialThe celebrity preacher shares his humorful take on religious ceramah43,000+ subs and counting
Makcik BawangGossips surrounding celebs and public figures, plus all things viral42,000+ subs and counting
Din SoyaA channel with a passion for riding and eating38,700+ subs and counting
Easya VaazhalamProductivity hacks for the Malaysian home presented entirely in Tamil38,000+ subs and counting
Alif SatarThe multi-talented celebrity’s personal collection of music covers30,000+ subs and counting
Chanel KangTikTok dances mixed in with vlogs, shopping hauls and challenges28,900+ subs and counting

“These channels are proof of just how creative and innovative Malaysian creators can be with the help of the right platform armed with the right knowledge and tools,” said Zeffri Yusof, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Google Malaysia. “Their channels have shed light on what local and international subscribers are looking for on YouTube, which in turn gave us these amazing mix of content that ranges from animated shorts to homegrown music to lifehacks, and just about everything else in between.”

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